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  1. Today, I've devised a new plan for my future in the game. It goes likes this (in chronological order):


    -Achieve 99 Woodcutting by December 31st, 2010.

    -Use Slayer to train Defence and Hitpoints until both are level 99, saving all drops and clue scroll rewards (something I've been doing for around a month now when not chopping).

    -Reach at least 88 Slayer.

    -Reach at least 90 Strength.

    -Sell Slayer and Clue Scroll Rewards after the above is complete.


    This should put me at around 160M in cash (currently have 106M in cash, along with 25M+ in Magic/Yew Logs, Coal, Gold ore, and Runite ore). I will then use 60 of the 160M to purchase over 200,000 Gold ores, effictively buying 99 Smithing.


    I will then smelt my gold ores until I reach 99 Smithing. Simple as that. I hope to have all this done by April of 2011.


    Any thoughts on this plan? Is there anything that could make this easier/more sensible? I'm open to any and all suggestions, and input is greatly appreciated.

  2. But not a triple post. :D Happy belated birthday, man. I hope you had a fantastic day; also, merry christmas and/or happy holidays! :D


    Thanks a bunch man. I did indeed have a great birthday, and I'll be sure to enjoy the holidays as well :). We should grab some coffee and catch up a bit, my friend.


    Spiritual Mages + Clue Scrolls = Win:



    Oh, and some stupid level:



    Two more 'til 99 in that as well. Currently on an Abbysal Demons task, working on a clue scroll. 97 Hitpoints should be on it's way in the near future as well.

  3. It's my birthday today (December 10th), so I probably won't be playing much this weekend. If anything comes up in the short time that I will be on, it'll be posted as always. I'll probably just be doing some Woodcutting during my odd time.


    Happy Birthday then :D! I hope you have a great one, that the cake is good and that you get many good presents!

    Good luck with that last wc level :)


    Thanks a bunch Swedish :D. Always nice to hear from you. Congrats on your new cape as well.


    As mentioned, I didn't have much time to play over the weekend. I popped in occasionally to finish two quests (Regicide and Roving Elves) so that I could start Mourning's End Part 1. Why, you might ask? I wanted to finish a clue scroll.




    Here's the Agility level I got as a result of completing Regicide:



    And here's the clue scroll:



    Finishing up my Spiritual Mages task now. Should be getting 97 Defence in the next couple days. 97 Hitpoints will follow that. Then I'll buckle down and try to finish my path to 99 Woodcutting.

  4. You, my friend, need a post.

    Nice updates. (:


    Thanks Mike. Yeah, it's been pretty quiet around here, but thanks for checking up and saying hey. I appreciate it :D.


    Forgot to post this the other day. From my weekly TOG run:



    A clue scroll from a Spiritual Mages task today:



    Another clue from the same task:



    Still around 100 Mages left. So far, so good.


    98 Woodcutting coming tomorrow or Thursday.

  5. I guess I was right. The Steel Dragons task was definitely a reward of some sort for completing 100 straight Slayer tasks.


    Four Clue Scrolls in the first 50 kills, 2 dragon drops in the last 30. First came Dragon Plateskirt #9:



    Then, with 5 kills left in the task, Dragon Platelegs #11 arrived:



    New task: 105 Jungle Strykworms. Perhaps an Elite clue will make it's way into my hands :D?

  6. Well, the Steel Dragons task has indeed proved to be useful. Not in drops from the dragons directly, but from the Clue Scrolls they've dropped me. I've had four clue scrolls in my first 48 kills (all hard level), and although I haven't had a million gp drop from any of them, I've been satisfied thus far.


    Sara Stole:



    Bandos Page 4:



    Currently down to 25 Steel Dragons left. I'm hoping for at least one more clue (or perhaps some dragon armor :D?) before this task is overwith.

  7. A fairly monumental day in my RS life.


    After doing my Woodcutting rounds, I hopped back over to Slayer. During my Dust Devils task, I hit 10M Defence XP:



    At the very beginning of my next task (which will be my 100th straight completed task when I'm done) of Abbysal Demons, I got 86 Slayer. This is also my 1850th total level:



    Then, the big one. I earned my 100,000,000th experience point:



    Due up for the rest of this week:

    -100th consecutive Slayer task completed.

    -15K Magic Logs banked.

    -98 Woodcutting.

    -60 Hunter.

    -Collecting resources from Kingdom.

  8. I haven't had much time to play in the last few days. I always have a lot of family-oriented things to do around the holiday seasons, so it came as no surprise to me that I wasn't able to keep up with my Woodcutting goal. Luckily, I was a few days ahead of schedule when the weekend started, and now that it's Sunday, I've only lost a little bit of progress. I'm still about 2 days ahead of my goal, and should get 98 Woodcutting next Sunday.


    As usual, I did a TOG run today. So here's my new round level:



    This week will probably hold a lot more free time. I should get 86 Slayer, 98 Woodcutting, and hopefully at least 60 Hunter.

  9. As mentioned in the above post, I had a pretty dang good Gargoyles task. About 100 kills in I recieved a clue scroll, which ended up bearing nothing of significance. So I went back to pick up my last 80-ish kills and get my new task. About 30 kills in, I got a second clue scroll, but decided to stay until I finished the task. Looking back, I'm pretty glad I did so.


    First came a Black Mystic Robe Top, then came my first Ancient Effigy, and then a Granite Maul. I guess I'm most excited about the Effigy, as it's a drop I've never had, and it's motivated me to raise some skills a little bit.


    Anyway, here's what my half-task of Gargoyles produced:



    If the clue scroll rewards me kindly, this'll be a pretty impressive trip to what I previously considered to be a boring monster to kill.

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