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  1. Why this is a horrible idea? Do they really have to explain? :roll: Hell, anyway, I'll explain the many many flaws in this idea: First of all, as stated before, people would just plain power-level the skill (Apparently starting at 0? :-s Explain that?) and of course that wouldn't stop macroers and goldfarmers :roll: ... It would just be another hindrance for legit players to be able to trade and a useless skill dealing with... merchanting? #-o Alright, here are a few things you need to know. Gold-farmers actually are not breaking any rules until they sell the gold. Therefore goldfarmers would still easily be able to train the skill to 70 easily (there are at least 3 goldfarmers with 99 runecrafting not banned) and sell the gold anyway, it would barely slow them down considering all they really do is... well... play RuneScape for the sake of... farming... gold... As for macroers, what's to keep them for also macroing this skill, and then going out to macro other skills, or vice-versa. In fact they can also get 70 pretty easily. It wouldn't slow them down much either. Also, this would be (from what you're saying) based on other skills or exclusively PvP. We don't want an exclusively PvP skills, hence why all other skills can be done without any player intervention. If you wanted to base a skill off of QPs or other skills, how would this stop macroers? They get high skills by macroing... Gold farmers get high levels from leveling. If a total level was required, macroing all other levels minus the main one to 40 would be a snap, and same goes for gold farmers. It would be way to easily avoided. It would only be a pest to legit players, and macroers likewise, but it wouldn't be worth it The only new requirement that would happen is if a player was starting a new pker/staker/skiller that they planned on buying gold for, they'd have to power-train this useless skill first. Slow them down? Idk... Raise their total level is certainly. As for main's buying gold, well who cares, they have a high total-level/QPs :roll: ... Again, it would just be a pest to both macroers and legit players likewise, there's no need for a new skill like this. Definitely not an exclusively PvP skill that begins at 0 :roll: Hopefully that's a good enough explanation for the people who say the "just say no" argument isn't good enough. Stating an opinion should be quite enough if you ask me, reasons are just extra if you feel like educating people as to seeing the future :
  2. Updated. Bump. Wewt :) Glad to see you using the sig deacon377 ;)
  3. ^ Meh, that may work, or Jagex could just make a new engine and throw all the bots off again... Or create a decent automated macro-detection program that works. :roll: Anyway... Well said. You skill? You now also deal with the crap lv 3's that dont drop trade go through. Lol, level 3s get enough crap, no more is needed. Honestly. And Mayjest, that wouldn't be 'part of the game' ... That would be 2/3 F2P non-buyables. Again, leave combat as far from skilling as possible, they're 2 different things. One may compliment the other, but dictating it to an extent as this thread suggests is absurd.
  4. Lol, it's not hard at all for macroers to get 40 attack. If you'd read my post... Or just look in ANY member's work near the yews behind Varrock castle, you'll see level 40 macroers. level 40 probably means 40 attack I call a fail. :o
  5. Hell no. /looks at RSN Go to the Varrock yews behind the castle and guess what? You'll see level 40 macroers all wearing air staffs. BEING LEVEL 3 IS NOT THE PROBLEM. The problem simply is that macroers exist. Horrible suggestion just like all the other suggesting "screw skiller" I'm passionate on advocating the right that I have to be a skiller and have almost all of the advantages of someone with combat. Sure there are plenty of exceptions, but there's no reason you can't tolerate level 3s.
  6. Rofl! :lol: If that's giving you lag I'd get a better computer. Seriously. #-o
  7. Let me set something straight here to all those saying "Why would a dragon carry bank notes?" Well why would a dragon suddenly break up into perfectly smelted bars once killed, how would you kill a metal dragon with metal? And why the hell would a dragon be carrying coins, darts, battle axes, helmits, runes, potions, visages, half a shield, sharks, gems clue scrolls, half heys... I mean common, the game isn't based on logic. If you're going to say the dragon is simply carrying the items of victims, please tell me the last time a dragon had a way to carry something, a way to pick it up, or an interest in tangibles of our human world :roll: Mithril dragon: I support whatever you can work with, it's a good idea, people may overly profit from dragons would be a downside though.
  8. gaser17, you're number 94 on the list already ;) PrOfEsIoNaL, I'll look over your ideas and respond some time later. :) Updated the list, thanks everyone!
  9. OMG! I'm not dead... just so inactive I might as well be dead... :roll: Anyway, I'll try to check back every week or so and update the list. Thanks to all that bumped and kept it alive!
  10. Err, not really... the highers would be rare, one could say the same about 3rd age a full dragon as opposed to rune, but that isn't true. And I wouldn't want to deal with durability or anything like it. (i.e. getting worse after uses) Anyway. Bump.
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