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  1. Omar


  2. Omar

    Nope, still standing. Have a good one too!

  3. Omar

    I "left". I'm lurking, just posting less if at all because I could be doing better things with my time.

  4. Dude, I thought you were gone forever. I'm supposed to be, but... You know that open tab, type "for", press down, then enter reflex? Still got it.

  5. I hope it'll help. Nice hair, by the way!

  6. thanks buddy, I really appreciate it. :thumbsup:

  7. I know right? When I first opened TIF after the update i had to back away to see the whole forum

  8. What's up wongtong?

  9. Get used to being offended then :P

  10. nope. we'll say you're chill instead haha

  11. dd, you're [bleep].

    i'm not sure i'm allowed to say that...

  12. "Nice mixes, my man. You actually got me to put down a Tool song for a few minutes :D"

    Thanks broski, I just put up a remix of Bulletproof if you want to check it out :)

  13. Sorry to respond so late, I never really check my messages :P

    I did end up talking to her again, she has a boyfriend now. Whatever, plenty of fish in the sea, etc :P

  14. you're useless death <3

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