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My name is RpgGamer, but obviously only whilst I am online. I like using peculiar words when only vaguely appropriate. I make a lot of typos. I type fast and never proofread. I live on the East Coast of the US and drink frequently.

Here on TIF I spend most of my time in OffTopic, more specifically the "I want a Girlfriend"(edit:2017) "today..." thread. I love the posters there, both gurus and advice seekers. I live to help those in need. It's actually in that thread where I was inspired to become a Psychologist (currently working on getting that going icon_thumbsu.gif) (edit:2017, ended up working for "The Man" ) by the great IgoddessI. I thank her every time I see her post, which probably looks pretty creepy from her side of it. You've likely seen me drunk post in "Today...". I was also Luxembourg in the great TIF Hegemony thread.

I'm not Troy McClure, but I love talking about myself.
I have a vlog I update from time to time (youtube user: TheDeadWeightDiaries)
(edit 2017, not really no. I don't.)

I love TIF OffTopic, and the people that post there. What's a forum without a community? Love you guys.

Outside of the internet, I have a life, believe it or not. I'm a fairly interesting character, a philosopher and a collector of life experiences. I make mistakes. I go balls to the wall. I love hearing people's life stories. I even proudly have one of my own. And it's not even half way over. I'd love to trade stories if you've got an interesting one!

Gamertag: Brand New iPwn
PSN: Brand_New_iPwn
tumblr: deadweightdan
instagram: iliteratetwitter
twitter: instaLiterate
(edit 2017)
Steam: NippleBeardTM
Origin: Brand_New_iPwn

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