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  1. I heard bladewing is a girl. Just sayin
  2. If you guys need another for Nex let me know, been trying to find a team but there isn't many. I got stats and st00fs rsn: xMoto
  3. I'd like to see more content for skills that we already have and have something to do at the top end of skill. Like a 95 and 99 slayer monster or something a long those lines before they just start raising the skills. They need the content to fill them.
  4. Life is too short, hmmm. Well needless to say I have put a lot of time into my account, almost a whole year worth of game play and I do not care. I have fun playing and its entertainment. To those people who calculate how much money you could of made working all the hours you put in a game is like computing how much you could do while your sleeping. Now I have spent 15hrs a day playing this game sometimes. Does that seem like it has consumed my life, I HAVE PLAYED A YEARS WORTH OF THIS GAME OMG. Wait in that time I have also done a lot more then just playing a game. Oh yeah that's right I got a college degree in that period too [cabbage] I forgot about that. This seems more like a person who has an addiction problem instead of a Video Game problem. If you let anything consume your life it is not a good thing whether it be Drugs, Work, Video Games, Fitness. He said he hasn't acquired any skills but I would be willing to beat if he did not play video games, he could not of made this animated youtube video.
  5. Too bad skateenjoi quit, I would of liked to see him get 200m first. But noneless this is a good achievement almost.
  6. Runes are easy enough to get. I binded Sag arrows over laws awhile ago and haven't missed them yet.
  7. There used to be a cc for smithing items when DG first came out not sure if it is still around, or what it's called. I know I am a big help lol.
  8. Rewards are all a disappointment but that was to be suspected. I look at the herblore scroll and the smithing one. Then realized for 16k tokkens + 160k I can recharge my weapon which would cost 2m to recharge. Then realized I probably wouldn't save anywhere near 2m from either of these rewards. At least new floors and bosses look awesome.
  9. I pretty much agree with this statement. I do try a couple worlds for when I do kill things, but I do not wish to spend and hour to find a DK world. So I try a max of 4 worlds go back to the one with the weakest person/team and just take it for me. To the comments on how is a low level supposed to make money when someone is crashing you? There has always been higher levels crashing lower levels. We persevered through it so can you. When your a lower level you just need to change your methods.
  10. I don't know where you get your stuff, but mine is really good you should try it sometime.
  11. Well, you sir are thinking of something wrong. I am talking about a turkish candy, that tastes like [cabbage]
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