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  1. About time someone made this thread! I was thinking of it meself, but you made it first:) The 150th will be HUGE. It will probably include many quest series. The future updates community on the forums (mainly the Lore of Gielinor 5, and the Future Updates News) have been swarming with ideas for the quest, but I just guess its 2 days more before we get to know...
  2. My favorite early RS memory: I started off hacking trees near the lumbridge General store. Suddenly a tree spirit (of a terrifying lvl of 32) appeared and almost killed me. I ran all the way to the castle and to the duke's room. I accidentally clicked on him. I was puzzled and accidentally asked for a quest. This is how I started my first quest, Rune mysteries. My favorite late RS memory: Just two days ago I completed While Guthix sleeps, my final quest, and managed to achieve a quest cape. I survived the balance elemental with no food and 2 health, and the moment the demons came I was sure I was going to die. I shouted: "Green:For guthix!" And ran to meet them. Little had I realized the Stone of J-- had raised my hp up again, to 225! I then completed the circle which started from my early RS memory, I managed to complete all Quests so far.
  3. Absolutely Awesome thread! Really supports some of my theories.
  4. My recap: I arrived at edge ½ an hour before the event started and sold all my steel fulls. I cooked some swordfish and searched for a group to go with. Eventually I chose Killerred005's cc and followed him for a while, but after passing bh I lost him and followed Stormrage instead. We found the rendezvous island, and stayed there only a moment. Then we headed to the members gate. My group was suddenly ambushed by over a hundred of PC warriors. Interestingly, I got binded early on, and couldn't move an inch. After the spell ended, I joined the fight and took out about 5 enemies, with black capes. There were more enemies at the beginning, but luckily we gained a lot of reinforcements. After this fight we headed back past the greaters and were attacked by many yellow capes, who I believe were Sal's. At this point I was surrounded by only about 20 allies against about 50 enemies, but once again some reinforcements arrived. We then joined the main group of the army and took out some enemies at the single zone. After this there were no more enemies, but everyone in my cc said "Go west!". I went west and joined up with Mario Sunny's hitsquad. We left wildy and went to falador. We were the first to arrive there and there were a lot of people from other sites and I personally took this as the last battle. Fortunately tipiters kept swarming from the main gate and we conquered Falador. After this there was a lot of mindless bloodshed and celebrating. My hitsquad with mario sunny moved out of Falador and into Barbarian village. We did an U-turn and headed south past falador and Draynor village. We took the northern entrance/exit into Al-kharid and headed to the bank, killing many innocents. We kept shouting "No cape no life!" and "Runescape Scared?". At this point we were too overconfident and headed through Varrock. Here I leaved my group as after leaving Varrock through the west into the multi area, I was attacked by about 4 lvl80 pkers. I managed to kill 2 of them, but had to run for it after other people joined in. I couldn't find Mario's group (I later heard they had headed to bh) and decided to go back to Falador. I Used all my kegs there and drank a lot. Eventually it got too late in my timezone (+2 GMT) so I left. During the official war part (wildy and beginning of fally) I got attacked only twice and used only one swordfish and one pizza. I MIGHT have killed one or two tipiters wearing green capes, but not cape-39s. Many times I was told "Off", or "I'm tipit" and when this happened I always withdrew from the fight (unless they were wearing Yellow or black capes). Many people said we cheated, but the only way my groups cheated was by fighting outside the island/archipelago ruins.
  5. That is amazingly true. We should consider this as the first great war of our generation. Lets make this war so bloody, that everyone shall remember it as the One Great War! For Tip.it!!!!!
  6. So it IS going to be in a pk world?? That'll certainly make it more interesting. The downside would be, that all that strategics and locational support has been wasted. Will we still meet up in edgeville, even though we could fight there?? Or will we meet up in edgeville in a safe world, and then change world?
  7. Looks good. How did Tip.it gain a shortcut to the semi-finals?
  8. I think I died because of a goblin... I had just learnt to trade and I traded everything I had to 3 goblin mails. I thought I was wearing a goblin mail, but actually it didn't equip :? Then I attacked a goblin and was slayed brutally.
  9. I doubt their stop Runescape alltogether, unless the new games get a lot new members...
  10. It wont destroy merchanting! Rarely has a RuneScape update done what it has been expected to do!
  11. They're used in a quest involving H.A.M. but I'm not sure which one. They are used in Animal Magnetism. Brass necklace!
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