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  1. you could train on rock crabs or experiments. I would recomend 70 mage, btw. Because it wouldn't affect your combat, and it would help you hit higher and more consitently. Also, your mage lvl is 60% of your mage DEFENCE. NEVER forget that. Helps a lot fighting mage pures.
  2. J_A_Z_MAN ok, about 2 years ago, i heard the name "Jeffery" and i loved it. I thought it was hilarious. Then i heard my dad talk about some star called "Zubenelgenubi", and i thought that was Hilarious too. I had Jeffery Zubenelgenubi, and I wanted a middle name to make it "J.A.Z." so i came up with "Archibald", cus that is another weird name. SO: Jeffery Archibald Zubenelgenubi (aka jaz) was my name, and i added "man" cus jaz was taken.
  3. Whenever i pk someone, i grab their bones :twisted: even if it means eating an extra food :( . so far 57 bones. :ohnoes:
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