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I'm 22 and currently living in the Kansas City area. I'm originally from the St. Louis area and will probably end up heading back there. I'm removing this second sentence and replacing it with this nonsense but no one will ever notice because srsly who reads these things, shhh. I have a serious disease that could very well turn into cancer before I die, so that's fun. I don't let it get me down, though. Why do I never know what to write in these things?


As for RS, my char is Dragoon5464 and I don't plan on name-changing anytime soon, since I could never find a satisfying way to get rid of the numbers. I'm a mid-high levelled player who's been around long enough to have a scythe, but damn if I just didn't bother playing that weekend. :/ When I'm on, I'm always in Serpent Eye chat, unless it's weekly penguin time.

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