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  1. writing is time consuming and formating the text is annoying (although it's a lot easier than what it used to be). Good guides need pictures of equipment, getting there, safespots, etc. you have to take the picture, edit it, upload it, link it. It's easier to just video your PvM run and comment it. EoC is still new, working out strategys takes time, testing takes time. Almost every guide you find on a fansite is gold. Youtube videos are not, some are good, but only a fraction. The main thing, quality takes time and not everyone can afford to *waste* 10-20 hours.
  2. I think Abode Photoshop CS2 was recently released as freeware.
  3. terrorbirds( or a bull ants) scrolls are very useful since there is a lot of running around.
  4. You should post your equipment and how much could you spend on new stuff.
  5. OH dragon claw is an option.
  6. The usual advise is to start (fi you aren't already) doing herb runs and dailies. First thing would be getting dungeoneering to 95ish atleast, to gain access to (more than one)chaotics. Then slayer while maxing defence and range. After this you should have a decent amount of money.
  7. I have the same issue (made a post about 2 weeks ago, didn't get any help). As far as I looked into it on the official site, the only solutions they offer is when you either know the password or the e-mail adress. The real problem is (as far as I know) that you can't use your recovery questions(and other information) to recover your account if you have a registred e-mail. If someone has a solution for this I would be grateful as well.
  8. while killing hammernaut you should hug the walls. when he yells "CHAARGE" or whatever it was (haven't played for a while) you should run along the wall (wait a second or so after he announces the "charge") then he will hit the wall and be stunned for a while. Magic shouldn't really miss that much though. But the main thing is to avoid the running charge.
  9. If you can usually survive the floors without spending time getting extra food then you don't need it. But it is my understanding that the EoC also changes the way dungoneering binds (and weapons) work. Someone who is more familiar will probably explain this.
  10. So nobody has any advise or opinions? Hasn't anyone had the similar problem? I saw a topic in General Discussion about old retired accounts being targeted for hacking. Even if this is the case, the account itself should still be there or do they use the hacked accounts to goldfarm nonstop until banning?
  11. Oh yeah, I'll edit those out myself. Sorry about that. The thing is that I had accomplished quite alot (for me atleast), had a total level like 1800-1900 I think. Also some cool untradable like the Yo-yo. If I can't recover that accout, I probably won't bother starting from scratch.
  12. Hi guys, some of you may remember me. (edit: Wow I just realized I logged into my first account on tip.it, which is quite nostalgic, 3 posts :P, I used tuuskukk14 before) So here's the thing, I decided to check up on my old account, but wasn't able to log in. (I think i remembered the password, but not really sure.) I hit recover my password and had to type in my email first. It said that it was wrong. I tried all of my emails, none worked. I checked my old email. It a bunch of letter like this : [hide] Dear Customer, We have strong evidence that you may have attempted a transfer of RuneScape accounts or traded virtual items outside of the game environment. Real-world trading destroys the economy of RuneScape, violates your agreement with us, and any player that continues to engage in the illegal activity has no place in our community. All of your accounts, main and otherwise, are now on our watch list and will be monitored for real-world trading. Regardless of who you are or how long you've been with us, if you decide to real-world trade ever again we will have no hesitation in: (1) permanently removing your account from our wonderful community in order to protect Jagex's rights, and (2) naming you as a defendant in Jagex Limited v. John Does, which is a lawsuit based on antitrust law violations that is currently pending in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California (Civ. Action No. SANC-V12-00972-CGC). If you decide to ignore this email and instead continue Real-World Trading, we (Jagex Ltd) reserve our rights to pursue statutory damages against you for between $200 to $2,500 per act of past, present, and/or future real-world trading in accordance with 18 U.S.C. 1304©(2). In addition, new infractions have been added to your RuneScape account. If left unchallenged your account will be temporarily or permanently suspended. Please complete the following security form to monitor your account's status or to appeal the infractions you have recieved: LINK Please note: Due to recent technical problems, some accounts were unfairly punished. Most of the void infractions have been removed. You should visit the appeal section to appeal any unjustified infractions received due to system errors. Sincerely, Mod Mark. © 2012 All rights reserved by Jagex Ltd. and RuneScape. Privacy Policy, Terms And Conditions: LINK St. John's Innovation Centre, Cowley Road, Cambridge, CB5 1WS, England."[/hide] Which I think are just some scam scemes. (PS, I didn't click any links on these letter). So basically. Has anyone else had this kind of problem and is there any way I could use my old recovery questions (hope they still exist) to gain access to my account? Or should I just accept that my account has been hacked and start over(which I really don't feel like doing)? Thanks (edit2: took out the potentally harmful links)
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