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  1. Ok. when it come to drawing I ent the sharpest tool in the shed if you get me... My mates are all great artists, but I got to say, that picture is one of the best I have ever seen great job :) I would love to see more drawings
  2. I use the fishing guild all the time. I'm tyring to get 99 fishing right now, from lobbies all the way from 73. Reason why? Well, it was the way you raised fishing in RSC, and I like to keep things retro. And before you say, I have done Shilo and Swan Song # Marc #
  3. I collect my own materials most of the time.... Currenlty going for 99 fishing & cooking... by fishing my own fish!
  4. It will have to be... The sandwich lady! Come on, 1 hit with her baggute(SP?) and the monster is gone :P
  5. Hey nice guide, Just to let you know, a new unoffical crafting guild has been made in Alkaird World 132. Yes you may say, there is already a guild, but check the skills forums on the offical runescape site
  6. Very nice goal I got 99 woodcutting yesterday :) I wish you the best of luck
  7. Hey here is a picture of me, with my new cape and my new outfit lol
  8. Hey People, Marc Powell9 Here, and last night look what I got I'll add a picture of my stats later Well rate away :)
  9. I agree! Those Mage robes look cool, and F2p deserve an update every now and then. I'm P2P btw
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