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  1. I average 1 demon horn (shadow nihil) every 6 kills.
  2. Is there anything disabled that will prevent ironing men to comp cape?
  3. Well that was sort of easy. Used Chaotic Staff/Steel Titan.
  4. Stocked up when I heard of the better AI a couple of months ago.
  5. Hold the phone. Cosmetic things that aren't from Solomon's?
  6. You do know that brawlers are like 1/10k for any brawler o.O. That is some insane luck there. Unless there are 2 different type of brawlers, 1 that has the full 1200 uses and 1 that has only 1 use (and therefore are trolls). I'd like to think that's true, but from what i've seen from other people i know getting gloves, it's more likely 1/10k for a single type of brawler, thus averaging 2 pairs for ~1.5m xp. Smithing and mining are particularly great ones. I received 2 WC & 1 FM brawler in about 700k thieving xp. The WC gloves only lasted for like 7 logs though... (wasn't paying attention)
  7. When I entered the max guild part with the boss portal I got given a crystal seed to plant there.
  8. Does that mean more bank boosters or were they removed or something?
  9. Abyssal Demons look absolutely terrible now.
  10. It's pretty dumb. I got 2 small prismatic stars and she gave me like 740k for each one or something.
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