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  1. Iamdan


    I just had to watch someone close their eyes for the last time, and then gasp for air for another 3 days for the second time this year. The laws around euthanasia are so [bleep]ing inhumane.
  2. Iamdan


    Today is similar to yesterday - kinda sitting around in limbo waiting for my girlfriend's godmother to die. She was last cognitive the day before yesterday and all I can say is everyone needs to have the "pull the plug" chat before its too late to make these things less horrible for loved ones.
  3. Iamdan


    'tis good. I'm working as an electrician while still plugging away at my engineering degree. Also lifting and throwing people in my spare time as shown. Not sure if I actually want to be an engineer or I'm wasting 35 grand but I am enjoying the study
  4. Iamdan


    yall should do partner acrobatics. source: http://imgur.com/a/PvNfH
  5. Iamdan


    1. Corporations are often multinational which makes their motivations not in line with people in that country. A person can lobby/vote as an American/Australian etc in their own country but a corporation that operates in other countries has a conflict of interest straight up. 2. A corporation owes their shareholders profits and everybody else nothing. They lobby for their own interests and cannot have political beliefs because they represent purely the interests of the company. A person can support legislation that benefits other people. 3. Corporations = people contributes to money = free speech 4. Corporations have legal and monetary benefits that people don't.
  6. Iamdan


    Cool. So an unnamed multi national construction company have switched MORE stuff on without the Protection being set and tested and I need to work around them to get shit turned off and tested individually instead of them doing the sane thing and turning it the [bleep] off because their only form of protection is the cable hopefully burning to open the circuit. And now unnamed multi national oil and gas company are questioning the protection settings that were given to us in the ones that have been set and it may not trip off in the event of a fault anyway.
  7. Iamdan


    There's always a catch, I work fly in fly out 14 days on 7 off. Whether I'm being productive, dealing with bureaucracy or sitting on my ass I get paid so I'm not too fussed. I'm going to do 12 hour days whether they keep me busy or not, I'm not living away from home to work 8 hour days.
  8. Iamdan


    We're subcontractors, we follow the rules of the main construction contractor that runs the site
  9. Iamdan


    Today the emergency response team is available but I still can't work because the internet is down, therefore we can't access the pre start meeting notes that are emailed and we can't work without a pre start.
  10. Iamdan


    All they do is drive around and turn off over gas alarms that keep going off despite there not being any gas leaks. If an actual incident happened they would basically announce over the radio to stop work and clear the area, call someone qualified to sort it out and then go back to facebook. Union sites have been designed to be super bureaucratic so nobody works very hard even if they wanted to. Honestly, 75% of my time is spent navigating the bureaucratic mess, waiting for permits, figuring out how to get permission to work or just sitting on my ass because I'm waiting for someone to get their shit together. Not exaggeration. We've taken a year and a half to do what half the manpower could do in 3 months according to a few people that have done similar work on other projects. Not that I'm bothered since I get paid by the hour, it just gets funny sometimes. One time I got a permit to work, and then didn't sign on/off because I got pulled away to do something else. The permit office had a meltdown. No idea on what to do or how to handle it because there was no procedure for either signing on and off on the spot or just throwing it out. They were still arguing when i left
  11. Iamdan


    I must be out of the loop. Today I'm not allowed to work because the emergency response team is unavailable. Union sites are comical.
  12. Iamdan


    Back home tonight after working 2 weeks straight. I always feel fine right up until the last day and then I'm so exhausted I can barely think straight when I get back to brissie. It's like my body runs over the finish line and collapses.
  13. At least you've learned from it. Being afraid to make a move because you might get rejected is needy behavior. I had something similar with my ex but it was 4 years instead of 3 months. Things sucked for a couple months, especially since I lost my job at the same time but I'm glad I dated her. I learned a lot and had a great time while it lasted.
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