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  1. I've loved that account since you started mining those essence ;P 10/10
  2. On my pure ;] 52 combat Attack: 40 Strength: 71 Defence: 1 HP: 62 Pray: 1 Range: 57 Mage: 55 Good kill. I was pretty excited. :D The guy I got was a combat level above and kept running in and attacking me. Annoying guy.
  3. Welcome back :) And as others have said, the NFS's are pointless now :P
  4. For f2p training (of defence pures), iron daggers are better than anything.
  5. Wow, I wish I was as good as you are ate TGOP O_O 10/10 :thumbup:
  6. When the hell did GH get in RS? Is it P2P only?
  7. Did you just actually star out the word butt? Lol..
  8. Aww, thanks. I think that's the highest F2P rating I've ever seen you give
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