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  1. revs are really ennoying, while they are generally easy to escape from. before i didnt need to bring food into wild to do clues now i do, pkers never attacked me since im not wearing any armor. but revs attack u way before u can see them on the screen, poison u for 7 and teleblock u for 5 mins and can be potentially deadly in deep wild. its extremely ennoying to wait 5 mins for the teleblock to lift when u want to get to the next clue location

  2. Like many before me i would start by saying i don't disrespect fm cook or fletch. Most of the people who disrespect those 3 skills have experience comb and skilling. When u switch from comb to skilling, you notice a huge difference in xp especially compared to those 3. The difference in xp is even greater if your are training comb with slayer as many do. There is no point in trying to gain respect to the 3 capes by using the method you proposed, since most players will train all their skills on 1 character using money from comb or other methods to train another 1 of their skill.




    Another thing is the risk involved, in training comb u risk death whereas training the 3 skills that were mentioned does not expose your character to much danger apart from a few randoms. Among the 3 skill, fm is the most tedious as u must do 2 clicks for every log to burn. It is true that skilling is repetitive as u cook, fletch and burn the same thing over and over again. But then again so is comb because if u want the best xp only 1 monster will give u that.




    As for who would win between a pure comb (att,str,def) and a pure skiller (fm,cook,fletch), i would say the skiller as making money to get the raw materials is quite easy. The comb pure would lead in the beginning but will be overtaken once the pure skiller has acquire the raw material and the lv require for the best xp.

  3. might be a price floor, otherwise some of these items will be worth even less then it is now. and i assume jagex dont want people buying items like maple logs at 1gp each, it will even easier to lv certain skills. notice the items u mention can be collected and sold in huge amounts

  4. Ow btw a "funny" thing I discovered:




    Not all pouches are actually "good" to swap. Especially since nature runes are so low nowadays it's much cheaper to high alch certain pouches: all gold pouches, spirit dagganoth pouches and rune minotaur pouches are better to high alch (versus "trading for shards").


    Nobody makes those. Secondly, gold is NOT better, you did the math wrong. Or did like level 1 familiars. I don't know. The reason why the spirit dags and rune min is better is because it only takes 1 shard to make.




    and the reason those two only need 1 shard to make is because either the ingredient is extremely rare or quite expensive

  5. avoid the greater demons, they are always busy, for best xp go kill ankous, its rare to find some1 ranging with u and even then u can continue to range without stopping




    i had about 30k xp per hour at about lv 89 range and their drops are ok

  6. after starting rfd you can use the chest in lumbridge cellar, sink is very close




    u mean using the chest as a bank to fill empty vial, because cromeus is asking for fastest way to buy them from a store and banking them.




    the fastest way has already been posted. shilo village general store and its bank, bring along a beast of burden

  7. for bork u can kill him once a day, the day starts at 8pm est (1am gmt)


    for the bert and arhein its exactly 24 hours after u last spoke or bought the last item from them


    tears of guthix is suppose to be every 7 days, but its more like 6 days and 23 hours




    i have like you killed bork twice the same day, 2 times in 10 minutes, about 5mins before and after 8 est

  8. sounds insane but if u have the cash for it warped terrorbirds drop quit a lot of it


    yes you are insane, when people are asked which task they blacklist, nearly everyone will says warped terrorbirds, you said if u have the cash u should go for warped terrorbirds, if u have cash its easier to just buy the swamp tar from someone else

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