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  1. i try to do them without help from a quest guide, the first time i went members i did all the quests using guides. now i do them the day they come out but generally have help hearing what other people do, sometimes informations from another player is more misleading then helpful

  2. barb fishing is the fastest fishing xp but u dont get any fish u can cook and eat


    but the str, agility and cook xp is minute but adds up over time




    the best thing about barb fishing is that u can stay there forever, bring a knife to gut fishes and use the roe and caviar for bait after u exhausted the 20 something feather or bait u bring with u. not profitable but thats the tradeoff for speed, u can bank the roe and caviar for profit but in that case u might as well fish for monks then

  3. If you have patience you could try splash maging. It involves buying mind runes and either earth or water runes ( you will be using the staff of the opposite ), wear you largest decreasing mage armour, find a decent high lvl monster, this can be difficult, i preffered to use barbarians in their hall. Cast curse until u cannot anymore then switch barbarians, this is a good place because its multi combat and most of the time not Too crowded.




    he meant body runes not mind runes and the zamarok mage in varrock castle is the one i like to train splash spells on. and what do u mean by it a good place because its a multi combat place. and forget about killing the lesser in the cage because u will be wasting runes because ur mage lv is not good enough and u will fail most of the time and not get xp

  4. I still think it would be faster just taking the boat back...




    no it wouldnt lol...




    and what did u based ur opinion on? i mean he will be back in draynor using the ring, if he didnt use the ring he would probably be on the boat to port sarim.




    I just use glories...tele to edge, bank, tele to karamja, fish...repeat. The glory method just requires that you have a whole bunch of them.




    first of all, he's F2P, they cant use glories.


    Second, why are you fishing at karajam?!?! Catherby or fishing guild are so much better, the bank is like 10 steps away, and you dont have to worry about teleing.




    if u assume he f2p how can he fish in catherby or fishing guild

  5. money making: mining and fishing


    gaining levels: fishing and woodcutting




    i have to agree with hi, and this applies in both f2p and p2p


    in f2p u make money by selling coal and iron for mining, and lobbies for those seeking 99 cooking. fishing is definitely faster to lv then mining because of fly fishing, and woocut is quick thxs to willows




    in p2p mining the demand for ores is strong and not many people mine, fishing is highly profitable with monkfishes. as for speed wc has d axe and so many trees and other training options, finally mems have barb fishing which yield virtually no profits unless u waste ur time and bank roe and caviar, but barb fishing is even quicker then fly fishing

  6. buy 50 of every f2p item you'll ever need. then sell all your members gear and train agility. trust me when i lost my mems i was very angry because i was going so slow compared to my usual speed on p2p worlds.




    there are a few exceptions such as smithing, ur now going to get much faster from west varrock bank to anvils then u r now. and fm wont get any faster unless u want to burn magic logs. willow is the best xp and planty of them in f2p, problem is theres no convienient chop and bank, there are a few places u can chop and burn them though. last skill i can think of thats is the same speed in f2p is cooking unless u fish to cook

  7. I like the article, though it sounds like the author was a little oversensitive about being called a noob lol, my combat's now 120 and i still get called a noob when i don't give someone 3k,


    noob and newb have become 2 completely different words since the flood of younger players


    newb means your new at something, everyone is a newb at rs once


    noob is an attitude of immaturity and pointless flaming of others (usually written in a bad attempt of 'leet' speak), wether it be richness, combat levels or totals, that is my take on it anyway :roll:




    its rare to see some1 call some1 else a newb, its always noob noob and more noob. noob used to mean what u have have stated. what penny is talking about is we dont even know what noob mean. i was call a def noob by some low lv out of no where. my difinition of noob is i dont like u, either u are better then me or u are worst them me

  8. I don't enjoy it simply because I don't know how to level it and make money, thus it's my lowest skill. Same with all of my lower skills - i just don't know methods to raise them. I've never even truely farmed except for the garden of tranquility quest, I got to level 30 using Sorceress' Garden.




    This is pretty much me too lol... I tried to farm and I farmed potatoes... but it was so slow and all i got were a few potatoes in the end. I dont understand how you can get high in the skill. Ive been over the guide a million times because I really want to like it because when I first heard about it, i thought Oh cool!!! This is neat! and the rewards you can get like herbs and neat items like that are nice, but I just cant get into it like some of my other skills. Maybe if I start planting trees and herbs it will get better...




    i was like that also, so i raised farming with tears and i was lv50 something farming until i started really training it. by lv50 u can plant a few trees for great xp with tree seeds for mtk. what forced me to train the skill was the varrock diary and the infamous lv70 plant a poison ivy bush near champion guide. i was considering raising it by weeding out patches which is kind of stupid now that i think of it.

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