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  1. what is that item next to the yew logs?


    u can dump ur crayfish cage


    keep a space for raw fishes that u gonna fish


    if ur going to make some amulets keep several in various stages of completion




    if u ever go mem again u can should make a costume room and dump ur random events clothes unless u want to wear them

  2. just keep it on ur hand, i mean f2p doesnt have any useful ring besides that 1




    and keep doubles of items u want in f2p u can have the bank size of a member, if u keep doubles of everything, and you should sell your more expensive member items because its nearly certain the prices will fall

  3. its cool and everything but has no added bonus damage or anything


    i got a few addy fire arrows as drops from spiritual rangers and u can make them 1 at a time using the trick in the underground passage quest

  4. the 3 next to the ring or karamja glove refer to the fact that u completed that lv of difficulty of that specific achievement diary.




    the ring would have had a 1 next to it after u finish beginner tasks, 2 after easy tasks and 3 after the medium tasks.




    and as stated b4 both items have infinite teleports but the ring only has 3 charges of running energy a day

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