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  1. ive been wondering if i should continue to bring super str and att pots or replace them with prayer pots. Using the prayer pots to replenish my prayer points obviously for protect from melee and use piety.




    using sup att and str i get 113/94 str 111/93 att


    using piety which gives 23% str and 20% att, i will get like 115/94 str 111 att(numbers are rounded down)

  2. The most admirable skill cape is slayer because its one of the slowest skills and you cant buy it. Hp is the next most admirable despite someone calling it a parasite skill, because u get 1.33xp for each hit u get on a monster. I got 93 att, 94 str, 97 def isong focuse and nearly 99 range using rapid before i got 99 hp.




    The least admirable skill as many pointed out is cooking because u can buy thousands of raw lobsters, cook them and sell them for a minor lost in money. Crafting is easiest to raise after cook, fletch and fm if you have like 40 mill + but no one raises it cause it cause so much and u dont have anything after lv 90 onyx ammy.




    heres a the number of people with lv99 in each skill today for reference


    att 20k


    def 12k


    str 23k


    hp 14k


    range 7k


    prayer 3k


    mage 8k


    cook 23k


    wc 8k


    fletch 23k


    fish 3k


    fm 4k


    craft 1k


    smith 731


    mining 292


    herb 280


    agility 525


    thieve 2k


    slayer 436


    farm 371


    rc 334


    hunter 1k


    construct 235




    I was surprise that fm had only 4k people with lv99, i expected more after so many people describing it not admirable.


    We also have to remember that some skills are f2p and thats why more people have lv99.


    and just because u have 99 in 1 skill doesnt mean ur gonna buy the cape or wear it.

  3. i use a public computer to play and one day i get this message




    you have enter your password incorrectly too many times try agin in 5 minutes




    yet it was the first time i entered my password


    does it mean someone was trying to guess my password on that specific computer?

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