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  1. When you say your tombstone "... appears outside the cavern ..." , do you mean outside Kuradel's cavern next to Kuradel or do you mean outside the ancient cavern next to the waterfall?



    We are talking about the ice strkeywyrms, so its right outside of the cave where they are located. Which is the cave in tales of a muspah.

  2. kk so far this is my setup and invo: Also need to know how many p pots i will need to kill 219 of them with a +9 pray bonus)



    Slayer helm


    Black d'hide top

    Black d'hide leg

    Dragon boots

    Barrows Gloves

    Zamorakian Spear

    Ardy Cloak 3( +6 pray bonus)

    ROW or ROL



    3 bunyip Pouches

    Swallow whole scrolls

    Prayer potion(3)

    Pure Set

    Enhanced Excalibur

    Rest Monkfish



    EDIT: I can buy EITHER Karils top/bottom OR Z spear but i cant afford both without breaking my bank.



    you dont need p pots if you have bunyip with swallow scrolls, just some food in the begining

  3. I need a good setup and invo for doing 219 waterfiends. Please note i CANNOT afford Sara sword, Zammy Spear, OR Karils armor.



    for the armor u can use black dhide, a distant third after the weapons u mention is the anchor. bunyip with the scroll that allow you to eat raw fishes is a good idea.

  4. I came back to member after several months in f2p and i manage to sell 45k maple longbow(u) and 310k maple logs. What do people do with them, especially longbow(u). Im interested in maple logs too because i manage to sell the whole bunch in an instant.


    The logs are decent gp/xp for firemaking.

    Not sure about the bows.


    i know about the decent gp/xp for fm and fletching but they didnt use to sell at all.

  5. Getting 5 isn't too rare, but 6's are very rare indeed.

    I never saw a single 6 in over 30 stews (I was boosting for curse of arrav and a few other quests)


    I suppose i will get 2 more smithing lv to get within 5 smithing lvs. thnx for the infos

  6. To replace your costume room, you must remove all of the furniture inside the room first, and you can only remove the furniture if there are nothing inside the Armor Case, Magic Wardrobe, etc.

    You clearly know nothing about costume rooms.




    You can just build your new costume room at your preferred location and all the furniture and contents will be copied and the old room deleted.


    Thnx, good to know i don't have to buy new furniture and dump all the stuff into my bank.

  7. Former p2p easily have the lvs over 1500 but there is no point in arguing whether or not to count just f2p skills or an amount of experience. I said on a earlier post we barely have enough people on those world whether it be f2p or p2p skiller world. Unless these world become popular or there is a reason to login to one there is no point in making the requirements to enter them more strict.

  8. 1000 total level OR an exp requirement are a must in my opninon. And the total level requirement/exp requirement should be higher for members.


    I agree.


    Thinking about it some more, I think I have the best solution.



    I think it should be an exp requirement (I'd say around 30M exp) spread on atleast 8 skills, while each has to have atleast 500K-2M exp.


    I also think the member requirement should be around 70M exp spread on atleast 15-16 skills, while each has to have atleast 500K-2M exp.




    Lastly, I believe the F2P world requirement should only count your F2P total level and exp (as in, only count HP, Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged, Magic, Prayer, Runecrafting, Crafting, Mining, Smithing, Fishing, Firemaking, Woodcutting and Cooking.)


    There is already not enough people on that world, why reduce it even more?

  9. It makes no sense that a free world would be almost empty of purely free players, yet full of ex-members.


    By the way, about your maturity comment - Skills (or total level for that matter) aren't a measure.


    Oh, and many members are immature too, stop generalizing.


    Total level is a measure of how long you have played the game. Most players will not remain n00bs at 1000 total level in f2p.


    Generalizing is just fine when it makes sense. I'm not saying 100% of those players in skiller worlds are mature, but they will definitely have more % of mature players than normal f2p worlds.


    I don't know if you recently entered members' servers, but the immaturity there is outstanding.


    The RSOF is a great proof for that, check it out whenever you can.



    By the way, being a "n00b" isn't a measure for immaturity either. I've seen mature level 40s, 30s and even 20s who just started playing. Actualy, I see them every day.


    In addition, there are many childish idiots who's total level exceed 2000.



    As I already said, skills and total level aren't a measure for maturity.


    Some of the accounts that exceed total lvs of 2000 and are immature may be accounts that were sold. I know of a few like that. Having a high combat, I get noobs randomly insulting me for no reason. Since the release of 1000+ server in f2p, i never get bothered by noobs. I dont know what your cb lv is, but i assume you are a skiller who doesnt stand out in a crowd therefor you have never experience this annoyance. By the way have you forgotten that there are f2p players with 12.5mill xp that can access RSOF?

  10. Kinda very nice updates. I was excited by the title but the new content isnt really much of an improvement. Atleast theres kinda a way to show your reward too. o_0


    Everything else is great I think. Except one thing.


    Slayer Masters have now been given a right-click Get-task option to speed things up a bit. You can also find out how many more kills you need with a right-click option on enchanted gems, which will even work if you are currently in combat. Finally, gargoyles have a new Smash option when they're near death to allow you to more easily finish them off with a rock hammer.


    Did they forget they released slayer rings? I rather it was on the ring itself. I carry a ring around not a gem.. If I was able to use this feature it would be great. Not for an extra inventory space/replace ring for the gem though.


    Also I really hope they make 2000 skill total worlds. I dont expect more than that since it is a dedicated server. Either way im not impressed by 1000. Try 1500 atleast. I got a new friend (In rs that is) who only started couple months ago and she is nearly 1000 already. 1500 is a bit more worth while if your going to bother making such worlds.


    I think the max in F2P is 1496... Or something like that, not too sure about the number. Either way, 1500 total free world would be pointless, only members and ex-members could enter that.


    1485 is the max f2p total but there are quite a large number of ex-mem. Im one ex-mem who wouldnt mind 1500+ worlds and i find it ennoying when noobs come to you and ask you stupid things.

  11. Im chopping willows and once in a while people come and randomly accuse you of botting. You talk and they shut up, this happened in all the cases that i was asked. People assume if you are doing something related to gathering ressources that you re a bot. Of course, im also suspicious of some people that i chop trees with are bots. Some have the basic look and take long time to do random events or choppong a new tree after the last one fell.

  12. So apparently, and I could be wrong about this, but at Jagex, the proper method for prgramming is this:




    The programmer enters his office.


    He walks up to his desk and brings the keyboard to the edge.


    He unzips his pants and pulls out his gentleman parts.


    Then he starts smacking the keyboard with said gentleman bits.


    Hits send.


    The QA then throughly checks it while simultaneously downing shots of jaeger and tequila.


    And on Tuesday we get a fabulous update. :thumbup:




    You should talk with a bit more respect and criticize more politely.

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