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  1. I went to see the new cut scenes from the Pirate quests and they are awesome. They have VOICE ACTING too! It was kinda hard to understand but the songs made me lol. You guys should pay a visit.
  2. Whta colour did you use? I've been looking for a colour that matches the questcapes but the closest thing to white is soda ash and I don't like it. <_<
  3. Really good idea, it's a pity it doesn't work with Opera.
  4. Have you forgotten EW3 already? :wall: Haha, but it's different, that quest was long because it was one huge puzzle. This one had a really interesting storyline, puzzle, combat and character development.
  5. I really liked this quest and we finally get a long one. I don't remember the last time we had a quest this long. The storyline is pretty good too, I want to know who this queen is.
  6. Congratulations! Hope we can see some exclusive art design/interviews soon.
  7. When Xenia said we turned into heroes as important as Arrav and Camorra I though something cool was gonna happen, like get our own statue at the Heroes' Guild or maybe some NPCs would say something when wearing the helm of trails <_< Hope Jagex is collecting feedback right now. The helm looks awesome anyway.
  8. Woah, this is really cool actually, and I¨m thinking about WGS. If we could hit 100s after touching the Stone of Jas now we are gonna be able to hit 1000s? That sounds awesome haha.
  9. Cavi

    new lands?

    I bet this is going to be the new f2p boss that was mentioned in the Q&A or a quest.
  10. I agree with you with the battle being hard. But: Jagex doesn't expect us all to get quest cape, either. I don't think that the quest was too hard. Probably it had a tougher battle than any other quest or anything in rs really, but combat skill capes or 92 prayer aren't needed. True that I am maxed melees, but I ranged the opponent, where my 99 attack and 99 strength wouldn't help at all. I don't have 92 prayer either, nor 96 summoning, nor 96 herblore. That's true, but the problem I have with this quest is that it makes the questcape more combat orientated, when (in my opinion) it should the opposite. For a player with 85s in combat it would be nearly impossible. 20 tries!? :shock: Wow, then I don't even know why I'm complaining, it took me two tries :blink: lol
  11. [hide] I disagree. I don't have 92 prayer, and while I do have 99 attack and other relatively high combat levels, I don't feel it's as difficult as everyone believes. The battle is practically the entirety of the quest and as such it should be set appropriately. The rewards don't have any extreme game-changing effects that compel you to complete it for fear of lessened in comparison to other players (unlike the Temple at Senntisten). Perhaps this is rebound "quest-capers" were looking for; their cape is more intensely coveted. But it is your opinion, I just thought I'd share mine. In addition, I might add that I thought the Decaying Avatar was more challenging than Nomad. [/hide] I accept what you say, maybe the problem with the quest is that Jagex made a huge step with this battle, you can't compare this battle to any other quest out there and I never liked combat orientated quests. As regards to the reward, I don´t really care since I´m not interested in that, but I think they could give a little more information about this quest, sequel anyone?
  12. Done. I don't post ofen but I think this will help the ones that don't have soul split or 99s in combat stats, I'm gonna tell you my strategy. I ranged him with ruby bolts (e) wearing full arma and used brews with restores. I prayed 15% range and 15% defense. The first half of the fight was easy and arma really helped against his magic attack but when he changed to his ultimate spam melee attack it was hell. I had to brew a lot so I couldn't hit fast enought to the point that my tortoise killed him (no joke). My range level was 98 and 89 defense but if you range him all the way and change to melee gear at the last part it can be done even if you don´t have 90s in melee. Even though I love quests and I hardly ever complain I have to say the battle was way to hard. If it wasn't for my high range level it would have been impossible for me to defeat him. I don't like the fact that Jagex somehow expect us to have 92 prayer and combat skillcapes to do it (or at least that's how I see it). Btw, [hide=question]He is still alive, right?[/hide]
  13. http://twitter.com/OfficialJagexES There's a Spanish Twitter now, that means we are getting more hints for future updates :grin:
  14. Got this yesturday. So I went to get my first d boot drop. I have a good feeling about this guys :
  15. This month looks nice but there is no new quest -.- so meh... I hope we get new items as a reward from the minigame. Btw, what happened with the Postbag from the Hedge and Player´s gallery of January?
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