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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. That last spam pic brings me to tears. It has such a positive feeling on it, the clan all together even on times like this. Anyways, good job guys. :)
  3. I enjoy warring, and I am looking for a F2P clan that is mainly based on warring. My combat level is 92, and I have no problems on joining as a Future Applicant until I meet the full requirements. PS: It'd be better is the clan is purely F2P.
  4. Not really a fan of LPs (if that's what you're gonna do with this) though it seems fair. Will wait for the finished product to give actual C/C.
  5. It see it as some kind of "parody" to Runescape itself, correct me if I am wrong. The anatomy off matches pretty well the cartoon-ish style imo, though the faces could be enhanced a bit. Also the guy on the back looks completely weird compared to his fellow signature-mates. Do everyone equally, with or without outlines but the same for everyone.
  6. I actually like the old-school feeling it has. In this case I'd add text, mainly to fill in the blank space on the left. Thumbs up for Breath of Fire as well.
  7. Muk-like pinkish monster is not done yet, just updating to see what you think.
  8. The one you did for N Odie is surely great! I'm not usually a fan of black outlines but they look good on that one.
  9. The pixel doesn't look bad imo. Just make the herb symbol bit bigger and place it a bit lower in the cape. What is that things the guy is standing on? Also, knowing what was requested to you might help us give you suggestions on the background. Can't really comment on the digipaint since that kind of art is unknown to me.
  10. I never really have something planned, I just let my imagination fly. I guess some kind of monster or something along the lines.
  11. The one in your sig looks very good so far. Not a big fan of the other two though.
  12. Been working a bit on my pixeling, trying new techniques and stuff. Here's one of my favorite pieces, to the left, and the one I'm currently working on, to the right. Feel free to give C/C and comments on them. EDIT: I don't tend to use many shades, if any. It's my style of work and I'd appreciate if you didn't comment particularly on that.
  13. Your avatar fails too. <3 I was supposed to make you one for your birthday but I forgot. :P Will make something for you now that my skills have improved.
  14. awesome/10 I luv ya. <3 I hate TGOP but I would play it only for you tbh. Fail Bank btw.
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