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  1. its a bird its a plane...no its super eraser!!!!!
  2. as u put your tooth under yur pillow i dress up as a tooth fairy and steal the jar and give u a 25c. Then i tele to a random bank and put it in my bank acc (i have a pin its ****) and i lauth evily as noone can safe the moldy cheese sandwich. :twisted:
  3. i guess that weed is realy that bad cause death died from drugs
  4. i fing its the guy that alays [cabbage]s beside the toillette :shock:
  5. 9/10 dude tahts realy funny! (no comments) :notalk: its so cool
  6. now wat do you say to mr.vet for the painful shot? :thumbsup:
  7. did u know that im canadian and i dont have my drivers lisens
  8. i killed a cop and got a other cop to deal with :notalk:
  9. fired for making this stupid game.......beat that :shock: !
  10. presses the botton with "warning dont press the button " and a police officer shows up and arrested u for pressing the button
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