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  1. Obtaurian
    Tonight is quite possibly the most [developmentally delayed]ed night I've had in a few years. My best friend, Robbie, had just dropped his date off, so he picked me up and we went to our friend Josh's house to hang out with him and Keir. We got there and discovered that Keir was very drunk. He's manic depressive, bipolar, and well on his way to being an alcoholic. He's only twenty.
    So we're all discussing Robbie's date and Josh's recent hookup when Keir says that he's going to go to the bathroom. We continue to talk for about fifteen minutes when we realize that Keir is taking an abnormally long time. Josh tells Robbie to check on him, then Robbie tells me to do it, then Josh agrees and tells me to do it, too. I, being lazy, decide not to do it. Remember this.
    A few minutes later we hear this giant thud. A second later we hear an even bigger thud -- I'm talking house shaking crash, and we hear Keir say "oh [cabbage]." So we get up, knock on the door, and open it to see that the ground is covered in blood and Keir has a small gash on his forehead. We sit him down, toilet paper to the gash, tell him to apply pressure, and we angrily interrogate him. He says that he was doing "elevators," which I guess is some stupid thing that makes you pass out. He apparently passed out and hit his head on something (we still don't know what), and now he looks like Harry Potter (literally; he has the thick, black rimmed glasses and everything).
    Keir isn't even phased. He's not crying, complaining . . . nothing. He's drunk, yeah, but he's not that drunk, so this struck me as pretty amazing. He's rambling on about something when he removes the toilet paper from his head. All three of us kind of jumped a little. His gash is more like a gaping wound, and I'm pretty sure that we could've seen his skull if we got close enough. Robbie just says "hospital," and we start gathering Keir's stuff and preparing to leave. Keir is complaining about his dad finding out, getting stitches, etc, etc, so Robbie tells him to shut up and stop whining. Josh asks his younger sister to clean up the mess while we're gone.
    We get to the hospital, check him in, and wait for twenty minutes before they call him back. This kind of pissed me off, 'cause we've got this guy who's covered in blood and has a gaping wound in his head sitting here bleeding all over himself. He finally goes back, so we wait . . . for three hours. Mind you, this whole thing started at about 2AM. It's now about 6AM, and I just got dropped off about thirty minutes ago. Keir got stitches, a CT scan, and a sheet of paper titled "medical advice" that said in HUGE font: "STOP DRINKING ALCOHOL." We all laughed at this.
    Moral of the story? Keir is a [bleep]ing idiot. He's going to have a gnarly scar for the rest of his life.
  2. Obtaurian
    Thanks 2noob4you1. <3:
    Next 99 is slayer via mage/ranged slaying. I'll be spending a lot of time on dungeoneering, too, as I want a bonecrusher (though I may just decide to go for a chaotic rapier).
    (This is copied directly from my post in Rate This!)
  3. Obtaurian
    First I got these in less than 50 total Tormented Demon kills:

    Then I got this five minutes later, cancelling my streak of Karil's coifs:

    After a lot of farming and solo mole hunting, I sold my claws and bought this, and . . .

    . . . a Staff of Light and Ranger Boots.

    I'm ready to mage/ranged slay. :thumbup: My goal is 97 ranged and 97 mage, which should get me to 99 summoning and slayer . . . hopefully. I'm about 450k experience from 99 constitution. I'll be saving up for 95 prayer on my way to 99 slayer.
  4. Obtaurian
    I've been playing a lot of Barbarian Assault lately. It is by far my favorite minigame activity in Runescape. I've been so busy with school that I haven't had a whole lot of time to play. I log in and do my dailies, then play some BA, mostly. I'm slowly saving up for 92 prayer (84 right now), and I just started saving up avantoes for herblore. I still have trouble defending in BA, so I'm gonna keep playing till I master that. I also want to get one of each penance item and fully charge my horn. Oh, and I want to join BAA (Barbarian Assault Addicts), which is a very exclusive BA clan.
    I've met a lot of really great people, too. It's so much easier to find good players when you have full penance. I'm gonna start working on getting 300 MA rank, as it's very AFKable. Too bad it sucks as a minigame.
    I was horribly sick for a week, so I missed a bunch of school. I'm playing catchup. I probably shouldn't have played Runescape at all today, haha, but I can't stand not being able to wear my quest cape, and I wanted to max my points in BA.
    95 Slayer. Taking a break. When I slay, I slay hardcore, so I can't do it when I know I can only play for a couple hours.
  5. Obtaurian
    Everyone hates Valentine's Day, it seems. I've always enjoyed it for various reasons, but this Valentine's Day was by far the best one I've had. I took an eight hour drive up to Sacramento for my aunt's birthday on Saturday, which was fun. On Sunday morning (Valentine's Day) I drove three hours to San Francisco to see my girlfriend for the first time in two weeks or so. We took a bus to the beach, got chips and salsa at a little restaurant nearby, and walked along the shore while she took pictures of me with her new camera (which is actually an old camera that she bought for a hundred bucks). We went and strolled around Golden Gate Park, admiring the scenery, being generally cute together, etc.
    At about 5:00PM we went to the Beach Chalet, which we had reservations for, and ate a huge meal (calamari, clam chowder, a very fancy burger, whatever she got, etc). We then went on a long trek back to the bus stop, then back to her apartment where we exchanged gifts. She got me the new John Mayer CD, a book, and she had written me a little story in the card she got me. Being infinitely cheaper than her, my gift was a haiku that had two different endings. It was meant to be silly, of course; No one really takes haiku's seriously. I paid for dinner and made the trip to go see her, so I didn't feel too bad.
    I left the next morning. I wont be seeing her again till late March or early April when she comes down for Spring Break.
    There's a little bit more to the story, but I'd rather not have the mods jump down my throat for posting inappropriate material. I'll leave that to the imagination. ;)
    GOOD NEWS: I'm enrolled in badminton and French 2 so far. Hopefully I get speech and English tomorrow, but we'll see. As soon as I post this blog I'm going to go visit a small restaurant in the hopes that they'll hire me.
  6. Obtaurian
    Decided to get the Void Mage Helm to complete my set. Glad that's over. Going for full penance and 100 MA rank now. I'm trying to make about 100m GP in a month. Top secret. Don't worry about it. :wink: EDIT: WOW, nevermind. I'm going straight back to slayer. Who needs an Arcane when you can have a Staff of Light? I'm so glad that I'm 94 slayer.

    I was looking my friend up on the high scores. He's rank 5,000 in Agility, which I thought was cool enough for a screenshot. :thumbup: He beat me in our race. :thumbdown:

  7. Obtaurian
    In a previous blog, I mentioned that my girlfriend and I live together. Sadly, starting in two days, our living arrangements come to an end. Fear not, however, for our relationship is still very much intact, and I'm happy to report that our no longer living together is due to our financial and educational situations. I have not been able to secure job since October, when I lost my position at an Italian restaurant. I've also discovered that graduation requirements at my college differ greatly from the requirements at my previous one. So, after much discussion, we've decided that I should move back to Southern California to finish up my two year degree and save some money.
    Have I mentioned that I'm a musician and amateur producer? Have I mentioned that paying for an apartment and school severely limits one's ability to purchase decent (if any) recording software and equipment? 'Tis true, sadly. Moving back home will allow me to save money for all of these nice things that I want, as well as allow me to continue my education. I should graduate within the next six months, assuming that I can get into any classes, of course. <_< Funding for my school has been cut severely by the state.
    So, aside from that, I've been spending the past few days doing nothing on Runescape but playing Barbarian Assault. In just one night and a couple hours the next morning, I was able to obtain level five in the roles of attacker, defender (amazing, right?), and healer. I'm only a level four collector, sadly. I still need another fifty points for level five. :wink:
    I've come to enjoy BA, which may be because there are so many people playing right now. It's extraordinarily easy to find good teammates, thankfully. I'll be getting full penance over the next week (after all of this moving business, of course) so that I can easily secure decent teams, which will allow me to quickly fill my penance horn, thing. I hate training agility, so I'm taking full advantage of the opportunity to use that horn.
    Ninety-nine hitpoints is coming along slowly but surely. Minergoo (Puppyking) is quickly gaining on me in our race. I'm not worried about him beating me, though. I can just dump all of my money into prayer potions and power-slay if he comes close. :grin:
    I'm getting very close to ninety-seven attack, strength, and defense. I've decided to mage-slay to ninety-seven magic as soon as I hit ninety-nine hitpoints. It's going to be an expensive process, but I'm happy to report that I own some of the best mage gear in the game sans arcane spirit shield and seers' ring (i). Did you know that an Ardougne cape 3 provides a +6 magic attack bonus and a +6 prayer bonus? You sacrifice only four points in magical offense for a huge boost in prayer. I'll be blogging my progress once I start. I hope to make a guide to mage-slaying in the future, so I'll also be recording experience rates, costs, etc. I'm a little skeptical that I can even afford to do it, but farming herbs, papayas, cactus spines, and whiteberries should help a little.
    Sorry, no pictures.
    Obtaurian / Morningrise333
  8. Obtaurian
    70 Runecrafting.

    70 Construction and all skills 70+.

    Snapshot of my stats as of today.

    Finally done with skilling! It'll be a long while before I venture back into it. I'll be focusing on Slayer for the next few months. And Herblore . . . which I suppose falls under the category of skilling. You know what I mean goddamnit.
  9. Obtaurian
    Greetings and salutations. Tomorrow morning my girlfriend and I will be heading down South to our hometown for Christmas. Because I wont be coming back till nearly January, and because I'll be extremely busy catching up with friends, relatives, etc, I wont have any time to play Runescape for the next two weeks. That said, I thought it'd be in my best interest to post my most recent accomplishments while outlining my future plans for RS.
    The first is 92 Slayer, which I managed to achieve about two weeks ago. I'm currently around 200k experience from 93, so I figured that I'd set my next Slayer goal at 95. I'll also be getting 99 HP and, hopefully, 92 Summoning. I've found the Geyser Titan to be by far the best combat familiar I've had yet (which makes plenty of sense, as it's the highest level combat familiar I can use). It's, in my opinion, miles ahead of the Swamp Titan. I've also found the unicorn to be incredibly helpful in everyday 'scaping, including quests such as Blood Runs Deep where it kept me very much alive the whole time.

    The second is 82 Prayer. I had originally wanted 80 as it was my only combat stat below that, but three or four days after making it my goal, Temple at Senntisten came out and I decided that Leech Strength would be beneficial, so I went for 82. Blood Runs Deep got me the last 450k experience that I needed while saving me a pretty hefty chunk of cash. From hereon I'll probably be spending the majority of my money on Herblore and Prayer, needing 85 and 92, respectively.

    I've decided that getting 100 rank in MA is not worth the lost time at this point in my Runescape career. I'll definitely be getting 300 sometime after maxing combat and Slayer, but it's an unnecessary diversion right now. I'm still going for all 70+, needing only a couple more Runecrafting levels and 9 Construction levels to get there. A few days ago I hit the 1,900 total level milestone, but I feel that it's a bit low for my combat level (130), so I didn't bother taking a picture or anything. I wont be getting 2,000 total for a long, long time.
    After completing my skilling goal of all 70+, I will only train Agility, Herblore, Firemaking, and maybe Construction on my way to 99 Slayer. I can't think of any other skill that's worth doing till then. These plans may change should Jagex release extreme potion equivalents for other skills. I want Agility for the Kuradal's dungeon shortcuts, Herblore for extreme potions, Firemaking because I like it and I want an adze, and Construction for my own gilded altar. (It's a pain in the [wagon] trying to find altars to use.)
    So, to sum things up (as I'm unnecessarily wordy at times), my current goals are:
    All skills 70+

    95 Slayer

    99 HP

    92 Summoning

    92 Prayer

    85 Herblore

    It's possible that I may post them as I reach them, but we'll see. I'm not totally sure if I'll be able to accumulate enough money from 96 to 99 HP to afford 92 Prayer and 85 Herblore. I make the vast majority of my money through Slayer, so I'm banking on Kuradal's penchant for giving me profitable tasks while still trying to slay as fast as possible, as I've always done.
    Thanks for reading,
    Morningrise333 / Obtaurian
    EDIT: Just for giggles, I'm going to start counting how many Dark Beasts I can kill before I get my first bow drop. I've killed roughly 3,000 since getting 90 Slayer, the vast majority of those being after Kuradal's release. I've yet to have a dark bow.
  10. Obtaurian
    This is what I've been doing almost nonstop for three weeks. Barrows runs everyday, a little bit of questing (I hadn't done the five latest quests), and a lot of slaying and penguin hunting to get the last few (hundred) charms for 88 Summoning.


    With that comes my next set of goals:
    - 80 Prayer. (EDIT: In light of the prayer update, 82 is my new goal.)
    - 92 Slayer.
    - All skills 70+.
    - 100 MA rank.
    The last one is going to be particularly difficult.
    Obtaurian / Zen Obelisk / Morningrise333, etc
    EDIT: Lost my quest cape for a few hours, but it's back now. :wink:
  11. Obtaurian
    I was pretty surprised to see that I've spent so little time playing Runescape despite having had my account since 2001. Well, I guess I wasn't all THAT surprised. I did take very, very long breaks here and there. I haven't had a whole lot of time to play recently. Being unemployed means working extra hard to keep the apartment tidy while my girlfriend is at work. I've been searching high and low for a job. Last night my girlfriend's friend introduced me to the manager of a grocery store that just opened up nearby. I'm crossing my fingers for that one. I'd be making more money than I made at the restaurant, without as much stress.
    I absolutely love that my girlfriend loves to cook. I woke up this morning and black forest dry rubbed bacon, apple cinnamon pancakes, orange juice, and later on some cinnamon bread. We also have hamburgers waiting to be grilled by moi, and beef to make beef stew! I'd be fat by now if it weren't for my extraordinarily fast metabolism.
    Other thoughts at the moment:
    - In a few minutes here I'll be leaving to go exchange a picture frame that we just bought. Came home to discover a giant crack on one side. <_< Crossing my fingers for that one, too.
    - I just picked up a biography of George Washington titled His Excellency. So far it's very good. Lately I've taken an interest in learning about the founding fathers of my country.
    - School tomorrow night. I can't wait till next term. I feel useless taking just one class. Music theory is ridiculously easy.
    - Watched a movie called Gigantic last night. I would say it's definitely one of the better movies I've seen. Very weird, funny, sad, dramatic, etc. Emphasis on et cetera.
    Till next time,
  12. Obtaurian
    Well, I got 90 Slayer. It's definitely my greatest Runescape achievement in the eight and a half years or whatever that I've been playing. I think I'm going to be doing a little bit of skilling now. Possibly going to raise all of my stats to 70 or higher. The loot from 89 to 90 Slayer totaled to 16.2 million GP. Pretty good, I think.
    Anyway, while today was a great day for Runescape, it was NOT a great day for me in the real world. I went to work this evening only to get laid off. I have about a month to find a new job before I lose my apartment. That's not good. On the upside, I feel a little liberated. I was working at an Italian restaurant. It was stressful, and the food was bad.
    Other than that, nothing major to talk about. Had a lovely dinner with the girlfriend tonight, and we might go visit some of my family tomorrow night. Anyway, here's the 90 Slayer level-up picture:

  13. Obtaurian
    Getting very close now. It's 4:00 AM. I have work tonight. Made cheeseburgers for the girlfriend and I last night. #14 for Slayer experience in the last day on Runetracker. Will get 90 Slayer tomorrow for sure. Gonna wake up to a Kalphites task. :thumbup:

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