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    I'm really liking the idea of HHB with Sag coif, body, and chaps now. Desperado + Sniper or Tank, as well as shield abilities and having about equal DPS to other Ranged weapons I think as well as the LP and almost the Def of a Sag shield?

    Only considerable now of course since HHB can be effectively hunted for on hard mode floors...

    Hex is about 1.25 units of dps, with one-handed weapons at 1 unit and two-handed/dual-wield weapons at 1.5. So you will definitely be giving up a lot of dps (about 1/6th down from a 2h weapon). In my experience with solo hard mode, the main thing is that you have a hood, body and two attack styles, because ranging everything is going to suck bad.


    Ah... Good to know about HHB I suppose. Related, but I saw someone with the "of Daemonheim" title today, and asked what binds he used for hard mode. He said SSH, Primal Platebody, 2H, and on- and off-hand Knives. Apparently Knives are better than they should be, but I haven't investigated.


    How does hard mode even work? As in, how do you activate it? Someone on the RSOF insinuated that only the party leader needs to have access to hard mode for the entire party to enter it. Being no where close to the Divination level required and with no intention of grinding Div soon, I doubt I'll be finishing Elite in the near future.


    Knives are better than the hexhunter bow, and slightly worse than the sagittarian shortbow. Knives also force you to give up either the blood necklace or hood, both of which are far more useful than knives.


    You're prompted to select hard mode when you first attempt to start a floor. Only the party leader needs to have access - anyone can do a hard mode floor so long as the party leader has the elite diary done.

  2. I absolutely love the rewards to the Daemonheim task set, especially the extra PGT, potion bind, and free laws/cosmics. I like that we've been given options in terms of opening doors in the form of portents (divination) and free potions. We'll be updating our requirements in DGS for October, likely requiring only the medium task set complete, but heavily suggesting the elite set, too.


    The tasks themselves are mostly easy, and the level requirements are far easier than most other task sets. The two tasks that are difficult, though, are practically unbearable: the frost dragon and the sagas. It took me around 40 small and medium floors to find my frost dragon, and the sagas are a pain in the ass without a detailed guide and a lot of patience for clunky controls.


    All in all, I'm very happy with the set. Hard mode is also interesting because it forces the team to be very careful with gate placement such that they don't get stuck in any unnecessary rooms, and it definitely tests their ability to deal out damage as efficiently as possible. I don't see it becoming too popular, but we'll be adding a hard mode section to the official dungeoneering records sheet nonetheless.


    10/10, but I'm still waiting for my dungeoneering finale, Jagex.

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  3. Well, my Runescape career has been odd for the past five months or so. I haven't been DGing much at all, but I have been actively running DGS behind the scenes (doing maybe 90% of the administrative work). Recently I've been helping out with our EoC research and doing a lot of solo meds to train myself. Luckily, EoC isn't very different from any other MMO that uses abilities and global cooldowns, etc, so I'm pretty good at it now. In about three weeks I'll have a lot more spare time to DG, so there's that.


    Oh, I have a girlfriend. :) Pretty much every DGS rank is very aware of her by now since I talk about her incessantly on Skype (Yang and Bobby might be aware if you guys read anything in the Skype group :P). We met online, through our blogs, and we live on opposite sides of the country. We've been dating for four months, Skyping every single night for hours on end. In four days she'll be flying here to California to spend two weeks with me. :)


    So between my girlfriend, school, two jobs, and having to take care of the administrative ends in DGS, I just don't have much time to actually play Runescape. I'm okay with that, though - I enjoy running DGS and I don't necessarily need to play to do that. In case anyone is curious, DGS is nearly two years old (February 1st). I'm planning on releasing a full history of the clan on its second birthday, so lookout for that on xp-waste.com.

  4. I can't believe no one has said it yet:


    @@@@@ SAILING @@@@@@@@@@@@@@


    I'm betting 20 GP that this is the sailing skill and that it'll incorporate other skills to access all of the content (much like dungeoneering).


    If I still played overworld Runescape, this month would be exciting for me. Ah well - back to dungeoneering.

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  5. Shhhhh, don't let them hear you @@@


    I planned on Dungeoneering at least until 120, and I was still kicked. Disagreeing with Jimi is a no-no :shame:


    Cya a year and a half of friendship, power is more important I guess...


    Just FYI, I only carried out the sentence. All of the admins and ranks (and yourself, incidentally) agree that you do not belong in DGS. You can be angry with me all you want, but it wasn't solely my decision. If anyone had disagreed with me - especially another admin - it wouldn't have happened. All of you need to realize that six out of eight DGS admins are active and weighing in on the decisions we make, and we rarely do anything without consulting the ranks first. DGS is very democratic. If you see me or another admin carry out any official action, you can be rest assured that it was sanctioned by all of the admins.


    While it's cute that this blog is quickly becoming an anti-DGS shitshow, I have to ask that you don't post pictures of me without my consent. I assume that Enaid and Leik haven't seen it yet, 'cause I'd rather not believe that Tip.it mods would allow something like that. I'll be sure to contact a Tip.it admin if it becomes a recurring problem, though.


    And on the topic of DGS - people love to get all hot and bothered when they realize that DGS is not a clan for casuals. It never has been. Look at the last few pages of our old Tip.it thread and you'll see an eerie resemblance to the last couple pages of this blog. DGS fills a very large and necessary niche, and that is keeping the dungeoneering metagame alive and kicking. People who really dedicate themselves to getting better and learning in DGS do actually get better (and as an aside, those are also the players who are able to get the highest xp/h without being completely carried by "suiciders").


    I'm not totally surprised that this blog has become a haven for people who have left or been removed from DGS, but I have to ask that you at least have the decency to not lie about why you were removed. If it comes to it, I really don't mind outlining the circumstances so that everyone can see and judge for themselves if you were removed unfairly or not.


    But for those people who are interested in getting better at dungeoneering and learning to maximize their xp/h and lower their floor times, and then turning around and teaching the next generation of dungeoneers to do the same, DGS is for you. Like I said earlier, DGS is all about catering to the dungeoneering metagame first and foremost. We don't want people who are just going to quit after 120 or who don't have the patience or will to teach people. If you just want 120 without all of the responsibility of teaching and helping other people, then I'm sure you can find a different clan.

  6. there once was a great Obt who was very good at drinking coffee. Just recently news came that Obt would have another storytime written by his loyal fans. One day Obt woke up and cheated on kelsi with a sparrow that looked like the harpy Mr Greens... Obt was so aghast at this mistake he went on a Dungeoneering rampage, unbinding all his arrows and throwing them into the home ggs portal. They hit Grimy Bunyip, causing him to stop drop and roll off the edge of shadow-forger's room into a bathtub, turning him into a much less efficient, albeit clean bunyip. Obt then slayed the shadow-forger, causing him to fall down into the DGS clan citadel and die of boredom, because he was trapped and had no agil effigies to open. Fortunately for Obt, he was a mighty Sith Lord. He used the Force to

  7. - You should never have enough idle time to make magic armor, and even if you did, fishing would be much better.

    - Magic is already very accurate against the monsters you're supposed to use it on.


    Assuming you've mastered the CCS (which is extremely difficult and requires very high APM), you should focus on improving your pathing and gating - especially complicated gating situations that can happen when DGing with less-than-capable dungeoneers - rather than worrying about increasing your magic accuracy.

  8. Just to add onto what Quyneax said, DGS covers the entire spectrum of dungeoneers, from the lowliest of newbs to some of the best in the game. Our goal is to move people along that spectrum as quickly as possible, which is why a lot of people consider us to be too intense. We expect people to accept feedback and constructive criticism during and after floors.


    Conversely, EoE is a very relaxed, learn-at-your-leisure clan. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to take it easy or may not be worried about maximizing floor speed or xp/h. You could also join UDG at 100, which is somewhat of a w77 for "high" levels / citadel clan.

  9. Oh, I thought I should mention that a group of people are/were trying to recover my account in the hopes that it has a couple billion GP on it (because every player who started 01-03 has BILS AND BILS, RIGHT?!). Anyone who knows me knows that my bank is worth jack shit. I have like 300 overloads, my chaotics, some hybrid pieces, and a lot of random stuff that might add up to ~10m. The moment I acquire money, I spend it on skills. I don't do any MHing anymore because dungeoneering is way more fun and I don't really like doing things like that without the best possible gear (which I don't have).

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