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  1. Hey Lacoste,


    DGS has moved to a new site (I'll PM you the link), and we're still going strong (#3 in Runescape for dungeoneering experience and more members than ever). You'll have to go through the application process, but it shouldn't be an issue due to you being in the clan previously.


    As you already know, we only allow ranked keyers to bind plates. We also ask that recruits contribute data (depends on your stats, generally) to our guide project. This is done by random lottery, takes about two hours to do, and you won't have to do it again for a long time thereafter.


    Ghjkl (Losing Games) is just mad, as per usual. He talks about DGS more than DGSers.


    - Obtaurian

  2. I work Saturday and Sunday, then I have the whole week off. I also have my THIRD interview at H&M on Tuesday. Here some RS goals that I may or may not complete, in order of importance:


    - 120 dungeoneering.

    - All hybrid armors.

    - ROTM5 completed.

    - Jack of all trades aura.

    - 80 mining.

    - All skills 75+.

    - 50m GP from "merchanting." Lol.

    - All skills 80+.

    - Quest cape (lol yeah right, no way jose @ EW3/4).

    - 5k wins duel arena hat.

    - Full construction gear.

    - Full gold mining armor.

    - Full Ibis.

    - Jad pet.


    I ran out of ideas.


    Oh, I'll probably get 96 herblore tomorrow. This will mean I've done herblore the past three BXP weekends. lol poor.

  3. Using magic while wearing full melee armor is, quite literally, wrong. Jagex did not intend for players to do it. They even gave Bandos negative magic accuracy so that people would be dissuaded from doing it. It's wrong in every sense of the word, and it's completely illogical on a fundamental level (like if you tried to write an essay for your English class . . . in French). Unless it's Green's way of saying "[bleep] you" to Jagex, it's wrong and she should feel bad for being wrong.


    And yes, this thread mostly revolves around discussions of efficiency, and it's okay to discuss people who are being inefficient.

  4. I got 2 mining levels, 1 thieving level, 1 hunter level, and 1 fishing level. HOLY [cabbage]. I'm really close to a runecrafting level and a construction level, too. Now that I'm 77 mining I'll be getting 80 very soon. I'm pretty much gonna try and get all skills 80+, and then try for 90+ mining.


    Dungeoneering will most likely begin next week. I have five days off work. [bleep] YEAH.


    @ Greens: Samsung R540 I think.

  5. HOLY [bleep]ING [cabbage].


    I got a cheap Samsung laptop that runs 'Scape beautifully. Kelsie actually bought it first, which is how I know it runs 'Scape. I bought the same exact one today. I also bought a Razer Naga, which is [bleep]ING BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING OMFG. I've wanted one for two years. This is a pretty nice laptop for the price. I just couldn't wait to get a big desktop. I actually paid for this on a Best Buy credit card, and I have no interest for 18 months.


    In other news, I might be working at H&M soon.


    In other other news, I'm slowly acquiring hybrid armor. I've been working on SW/PC for almost a week now. I have all of the bodies and gloves. CW will be last.


    Finally, my new laptop means DUNGEONEERING. I'm going to get 120 finally. It'll be slow depending on work and my social life, but it'll be done. Most likely before 2012.

  6. A good team could clear an entire floor in 30-40 minutes easily. DGS does data floors, and we've cleared whole dungeons in an hour while mostly screwing around (two people sit in HT filling it with traps, etc). If you did a Golvellius-style-dungeonsweeper floor, ended it right when BXPW started, then did three or four normal floors, it'd be some pretty amazing exp in the first hour.

  7. I really hate the lag that I get, and I hate having to wait for games if you don't get back in fast enough. The bots piss me off. PC actually pisses me off much more than SW, though. SW is fun if you're in a clan and the world isn't too populated. I'm only on 48 zeal. :(

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