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  1. Tokenns+cash is the most efficient, since you can get the tokens required to repair from 0 in like an hour, and you get dung xp when you get the tokens.


    I agree with this, but only after you get your t10 zerker and blazer/desperado rings.

  2. Seriously, I don't get why the Dungeoneering storyline and the Mahjarrat storyline won't ever intersect. That fact alone tells us Blirach probably wasn't successful in "summoning" Zamorak. I mean, if he was, surely the other Mahjarrat would be involved somehow? I was really hoping for a Grand Unification Quest of sorts that pretty much ties together a bunch of ongoing quests (all the important ones at least) and maybe sets us to the year 170 finally??? It's like Groundhog Day all over again (heheh pun) but instead of stuff actually repeating, just the friggin calendars are broken!


    But that would make sense. ;) It's best to just grin and take whatever Jagex gives you.

  3. Assuming ice barrage or fire surge:


    - The best magic weapon is a chaotic staff, but it's probably not worth using for general training if your income is low. For PVP and MHing, though, it's invaluable.

    - Second best is a staff of light. You'll use this for general training due its rune-saving ability. It's not as good as a chaotic staff, however.

    - Third best is a master wand. It has the highest accuracy of any magic weapon, but the damage modifier is a little low.

    - Void mace with claws of guthix is a possibility at lower magic levels.


    Looking at your stats, a staff of light is what you should be using. You should start dungeoneering, though, as people without chaotics generally lose to people who have them.


    Furthermore, you need an arcane stream necklace. It has a +15% damage modifier, and it's just as important as your staff when maging. With an arcane necklace and chaotic staff, your damage modifier is +30%, which is huge.


    Your gear should be (assuming normal combat training):

    Farseer helmet (doesn't degrade; same magic accuracy as Ahrim's hood)

    Ahrim's top/bottom

    Infinity boots

    Barrows gloves

    Ardougne cape 3/god cape/soul wars cape (depends on whether or not you're praying and how extensively)

    Seers or seers (i)

    Arcane stream necklace

    Arcane spirit shield > farseer kiteshield > mages book ~= blessed spirit shield (depending on defense needed)

    Chaotic staff > staff of light


    It's beyond me why no-one has been able to provide this information. You have soul split, so you usually won't need any defense at all. Use a vecna skull or magic potions - these are mandatory.

  4. - Get 80 attack and defense.

    - Bind a gorg 2h and gorg plate.

    - Bind a csb if you don't already have one.

    - Upgrade your zerker and blazer rings to at least t6.

    - Stop using shields and tank ring. They're useless.


    Now you have better DPS and defense. Congratulations.

  5. Every door on the critical path (the most direct path to the boss) can be opened without a potion. If you find a door that you need a potion to get through, you know it's not the critical path (read: it's opens up into bonus rooms).

  6. With a sagittarian bow, you are useless to your team. You have decent DPS against forgotten mages, and that's about it. Get a celestial catalytic staff, do that quest for the extra ammo bind, and start picking up elemental runes between attacks. If you're keying, an empowered fire staff would probably be better (assuming you're keying ~25 minute floors or faster and you're never not keying). My third bind guide details CCS use, but the Tip.it version of it is a little outdated. Get t10 blazer ASAP.


    Basically, ranged is useless without a hex. With fire surge and a CCS, you'll be pretty effective against most monsters, though still not as effective as you could be if you used melee.


    148 teams are only slightly faster than 117 teams in general.

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