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  1. Kair-ahm-ja = Karamja


    Ahr-dune = Ardougne


    Fal-ah-door = Falador


    Vahr-rock = Varrock


    Luhm-bridge = Lumbridge


    Tear-ahn-win = Tirannwyn


    Lay-tah = Lleyta


    Port Fas-mah-ties = Port Phasmatys




    Zan-ahr-is = Zanaris


    Ahl-car-id = Al Kharid


    Burgh-de-rot = Burgh de rott




    That's exactly how I say everything in my head. I'm pretty sure Ardougne is suppose to be Are-doyn. I think it was in one of the God letters or Postbags, but I don't care. It's Ahr-dune to me. :thumbup:




    I really don't care about who a person with great guides or experienced say. I don't leave my thoughts about it just cause some guy like Artemis for example: hasn't mentioned it. And no i don't it's a ability. But i do believe it is a glitch of some sort.


    Thank you for clarifying that you think it's a glitch.




    For your info: i sent Artemis a thread about his thoughts about if Mele or Ranging would be effective for Saradomin after AI Update. He never responded. I sent him it cause he was "Experienced" and so was i myself, but i wanted to discuess with him. All i got was no respond back. So whoever a person is, i do not put their oppion before mine. Someone spread a rumour at beginning of GWD: that bandos boss poisons. I don't know who, but i myself found out that was untrue....


    I'm sorry to hear that Artemis didn't reply to your message. Truly sorry.


    It's extremely ignorant to consider your opinion of all other opinions.


    Thank Guthix that you went to the Bandos GWD to prove that the Bandos general does not poison! How would we have known otherwise?!




    So just cause someone experienced and known on these forums haven't experienced something: dosen't mean it isn't there.


    Very true, yet you're the first player to notice?




    As for me being liar: i highly doubt i am. But as i have said: i have not panicked, my prayer didn't went out. and i did not misclick prayer off.


    I didn't say you were a liar. You very well could have made a mistake, as you said.




    So i am really really annoyed myself, what happend. Could it be that i clicked a area: that somehow turned my prayer off? Could that be why, and could that be a bug?


    ...or could you have imagined it?




    Beats me. I am just trying to see if this has been noticed by others or what it can be.


    No, apparently it hasn't.




    For your info: i have had a connection where i lagged 3 times more than usual, and still managed to be with my team and kill boss. I didn't die, and i did farily great: that should say how experienced i am.


    Actually, that doesn't say a whole lot of anything, but good job on finding a decent team that can hold their own without you.




    Oh, and i have been at sara more than 40+ trips...


    Wow. That's a lot less than I was expecting. When I mentioned that there are players with two or three times as many kills as you, I was wrong. It's far more than that.


  3. I get the impression that you enjoy the Saradomin GWD, and that you make frequent trips, and have been for a while. However, I'd bet that there are plenty of GWD'ers who are far more experienced than you (I'm talking about Artemis, Soma, etc, etc).




    People who have gotten perhaps double or triple the amount of kills that you have, have never experienced this, and if they have, they've never mentioned it. When you consider that these people have very detailed guides on the subject, I highly doubt they've simply decided to leave this information out.




    Am I calling you a liar? Absolutely not. I'm saying that your imagination has gotten the best of you. There could be any number of reasons, but I guarantee you that it's not some super-secret-OMG-special ability.




    Should a more seasoned boss hunter come along and tell me otherwise, I'll change my views. Until then, I rest my case.

  4. I don't think they'd have Gravestones, because in high-populated areas you wouldn't be able to click anywhere due to a mass-amount of Gravestones all over lol.




    Example: A clan war outside Falador.




    I agree.




    I like the idea of a randomly generated drop. Like killing monsters. Perhaps the more difficult the kill, the greater chance of a good item?

  5. Yes we do want free trade back, just without the scamming and RWT.




    GE is perfect, just remove the price ceilings, or increase them to a decent level. The RWT's won't be able to use it to transfer money/items to specific accounts and the players will then set the costs again.




    There are too many items which just won't sell due to the lowest price still being too high (high alch price). If people want to sell these for less than the alch price then they should be allowed to. It doesn't feature in the cost of the nature rune anyway, so what's the issue?




    Player A, who has played since 2001 and has always had a large collection of rares, which he periodically sells off for large sums of cash, decides to visit the GE.




    Player A buys all of the economies Bandos Plates.




    Or, how about Player A starts a clan of merchants, whose goal is to buy up every GWD item in the GE?




    Congratulations, thanks to free trade through the GE, you've given a number of merchants complete control of a large part of the economy, and you're forced to conform and pay THEIR prices.




    Now, I'd like to say "can we please end the GE/free trade discussion?", but someone is most definitely going to reply to me and try and explain how that wouldn't work blah blah blah.




    On topic: I would happily obtain 92 Firemaking if it meant I could get 99 Woodcutting that much faster. I think this is an extremely useful update.

  6. That's high?




    Considering this is a FIREMAKING update, those requirements are very high. The last beacon already needs lvl 92 firemaking, it shouldn't also need 70 Smithing/59 Construction when those skills have nothing to do with beacon lighting.




    Oh well, you'll get "that guy" with every update.




    Am I "that guy" or is he "that guy"?




    I believe the other guy is "that guy".




    The rewards are looking very lovely so far, and chatting with Mr. Blaze was hilarious.




    Cant bring a cannon to chaos tunnels.




    If I ever stop training slayer and just train on a certain monster it will probably be abberent spectres.




    I completely agree. They have to be some of the best monsters to train on. I'm surprised that no one camps there.

  8. Congratulations! You can't use a beast of burden to be much more efficient, you can't use a Bunyip to save money and time on Slayer tasks, you can't beat another someone your level who uses Summoning. Your efficiency as a player is vastly inferior to a level 50 with 52 Summoning.




    2/10 for bragging about not raising a skill.




    9/10 because you're proud of your 100 combat.

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