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  1. If you glean some personal satisfaction for being f2p and doing things the hard way, then I commend you doing what is fun for you.




    I think it's sort of like being at the bottom of a ten story building. There's an elevator and a staircase, but you decide to take the staircase for a bit of exercise.




    The only difference is that when you get to the tenth story, there isn't a guy yelling "f2p noob 1/10 for not taking elivatorz@@@@"

  2. Logically, it is unethical to engage in intercourse with a ten year old girl.


    In prehistoric times, it was not uncommon for a 13 year old girl to already have had a baby. With such a low life expectancy, poor diet, poor healthcare and primitive care at the birth, infant mortality rates were high. There really was no choice in the matter.




    Logically, this position hasn't changed. The continuation of our species is best ensured by women producing as many babies as possible, to the point where we reach our environmental capacity and excess population dies due to starvation. However, of course, we have developed morals and ethics since then, and enshrined those in law.




    Much as I agree that having sex with a 10 year old is totally abhorrent (then, I've been raised in the West and this is Western tradition - the degree to which I have thought out this particular dilemma for myself independently is questionable), the point I'm making is that logic and ethics seldom complement each other.




    Your point is valid, but my point was that generally, a ten year girl has not gone through puberty. Thirteen is a three years difference, and many young women have gone through puberty by that age, or will soon. I meant that literally, it's impossible to have a child with a ten year prepubescent girl, thus making it illogical to have sex with her.

  3. No amount of reasoning can cover up the fact that she was ten years old. She has the body and the anatomy of a ten year old girl. No matter what culture you live in, she is unable to properly engage in intercourse, and she is unable to give birth. Yes, some females go into puberty sooner, but that is the exception, not the rule.




    Logically, it is unethical to engage in intercourse with a ten year old girl.




    Ethically (according to my personal value system), it is absolutely morbid.




    I believe that the husband is to blame. The husband is responsible for reasons I've explained above.

  4. Hey thanks for the info/suggestions peeps...although Asianboy, you sure sucked the life out of me!!! :ohnoes: I've been playing 3 years now and it took all that time to get to 90! I guess I shouldn't look to 99 as a serious goal anytime soon...


    I have been doing slayer, but frigging duradel keeps giving me the same assignments over and over...Kalphites, Dust Devils, and Fire Giants, non of which drop squat! Well...the F Giants do but only once every 100 kills...


    Ah well...patience patience patience I 'spose.




    Kalphites are some of the best Slayer experience there is, and Dust Devils and Fire Giants are quick experience with decent enough drops.




    Slayer really is the best way to get melee experience. Have you unlocked the point system? Do that as soon as possible.




    Slay on.

  5. ROW will decrease the amount of addy bars dropped, it's a "common" drop and thus is ROW useles when you want bars.


    you'd better use duel ring for quick tele or ring of life for those last aviansies without prayer.


    aviansies will be like 1M every 2 days ( when you play alot) i would suggest tanking them, that would give you roughly 1M a day ( i get 1 M from 5h aviansie on ranged 77).




    Ah thanks for the ROW tip.




    How would you suggest I go about tanking them?

  6. I was thinking about going for 99 Range, as it's one of my favorite skills.




    So here's the plan, and I want to know roughly how long it would take, and if there's a more effective yet similar method.




    Range: 80


    Defense: 84


    Prayer: 60


    HP: 85




    I'm going to range Avianses with range protect prayer. I'll use emerald bolts, and I'll be equipped with the following:




    Full Void


    Unholy Book


    Saradomin Stole


    Snakeskin Boots




    Rune C'Bow


    ROW (I do not have an Archer Ring)




    I'll use the profits from the adamant bars to buy chins to use at Ape Atoll (once it's fixed of course).




    So. Will this work? Can I do it in a relatively decent amount of time?

  7. Your Barrows armor provides more than enough defense, especially at your Slayer level. Use one of your Rune Defenders. It's more efficient, and it'll allow you to kill more quickly so that your target has less of a chance to damage you. ;)




    10/10 for your balanced skills, but definitely improve your Slayer equipment.




    And as for an Obsidian Shield; it's worth the investment, as it has a variety of applications. If you absolutely refuse to use a Rune Defender, then spend the money to buy the shield.

  8. Yep, thats right, but I think most of us knew this allready,


    and bassicly it can also be found in the runecrafting skill 'guide' in game.




    well, you put some nice effort in it :thumbsup:.








    Very well done. You learn something new everyday! I can always appreciate a clever application of mathematics.

  9. A friend of mine recently crafted enough runes to buy full Bandos. I asked what he crafted, assuming it was natures, and he surprised me by saying that he did laws through the abyss.




    In my opinion, natures are only worth it at 91 Runecrafting. Until then, there are better options.

  10. And anyways, why on earth should I give any respect to someone who makes things so damn much harder than they really are? I don't give any respect to the guy who lights his cig with a fire made with stones either.








    Any man with a quote from Varg Vikernes in his signature demands attention and respect. Or a straitjacket. Either way.

  11. I have no opinion one way or the other when it comes to how a person trains any one skill. If they spend 150m to get 99 Smithing, then so be it. If they mine every ore, then that works too. It all just depends on what's more important to you.




    I, however, train my skills only when I need to use them. If I need food, I fish and cook, if I need potions, I throw them together. I also train skills when I need to reach a higher level in order to use something or do a certain quest.




    My favorite skills are Slayer, Summoning, Farming, and Mining. I regularly train these skills because I find them to be fun and relaxing. Combat is my favorite aspect of the game, and so the only 99's that I'm actively pursuing are Slayer and all other combat skills.




    In conclusion: do what you need to do, and have fun doing it. If spending that 150m on Smithing is fun for you, then by all means. Just don't forget to have fun.

  12. I remember when members came out, I would hate crossing white wolf mountain because of the big wolf. So whenever I wanted to go to Catherby or Ardougne, I would make sure to stay there as long as possible, so that I didn't have to meet the big wolf very often. If I ever did a quest that made me go back and forth over the mountain, I would give up cause it was just too stressful. ^_^

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