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    My big problem with it was that people were doing things that are just totally unacceptable in terms of efficiency. Floors were literally 5-10 minutes longer so that two people could save a death each. That's not good for your exo/h. :( Interesting to hear that w77 teams were fine.


    This weekend was really terrible overall. Not only do I agree with what you said, but it also seemed like people who are normally good at dungeoneering were in MUST SURVIVE AT ALL COSTS MODE. One of main tenets of DGS is efficiency, and I saw a lot of inefficient survival and floors that were way too long considering the caliber of the teams.


    Then to echo what you said, we literally had twenty or thirty new applications and I'd wager that maybe two or three of them will be staying in DGS. I had one guy who literally didn't buy a toolkit until the very end of the floor, and only when I saw that he was waiting by a skill door that he couldn't attempt himself.


    I mean, we normally get maybe two new people a week, which is an alright number that allows us to really put in the time to help them get better, but this weekend was just disappointing. I'm glad everything is back to normal now, and I'm even more glad that the clan chat seems to be more active than ever after the weekend.

  1. There's a disconnect between wanting to learn to dungeoneer and also wanting a relaxed atmosphere. I'm not saying it's impossible or anything, but it's really going to be difficult for someone to learn the intricacies of the skill in groups or clans that have no interest in learning them. And I don't mean 'learn' as in speed floors and superefficiencyclownefficiency - I mean learning very basic strategies and concepts that have applications for everyone, regardless of speed.


    As far as DGS, I think we've finally perfected our method of teaching, but it won't be completely done for another month or two, I'd say. DGS is definitely an intense environment to learn in because of how fast our average members are, but it's by far the best way to learn, and our members are mostly nice. There's nowhere else where inexperienced dungeoneers have an opportunity to see truly fast floors.

  2. Also resource dungeons and jack of all trades if you have it. I highly recommend that you start soloing abnd1 floors (medium) due to their ease. It'll teach you basic things like using your gates efficiently, and the bosses aren't as hard as furnished or frozen bosses.


    Once you get to around 60 or 70, look for a lower level clan like Dung Mates. It's a step up from 117 due to the clan cohesiveness.

  3. Suicide keying/dungeoneering means not caring about exp. It doesn't mean not caring about dying, however, because dying is not always efficient in terms of floor speed. People who suicide are either focused on floor times or have a leech on the team. It's debatable whether or not suiciding is efficient in terms of xp/h, as there's usually a direct correlation between floor speed and xp/h. After six deaths you stop losing exp, so if you're suiciding and only getting 2-3 deaths, you're more than likely getting better xp/h than someone who tries hard to survive.


    My recommendation to people is to try your hardest to do faster floors, as it helps build your APM and it teaches you to cope with faster teammates. A nice way to think about it is, the longer the floor goes on, the more chances you have to die. :P The better your APM gets and the better you get at understanding the map/pathing, the better your exp/h will get. You'll naturally start dying less. The goal is to control your deaths so that they're useful to the team.

  4. Decided to solo F54 to try and fight World Gorger myself first, got M. & Thok 10. I don't know if anyone's keeping up with letter to floor numbers but there you go for that one! :D...


    I also have 300k tokens that I've no idea what to do with. Only missing Chaotic is CLS and I have little to no bank space as it is, lol.



    Found him. :)


    No idea what the gimmick was other than the eyes. I destroyed the melee and magic ones throughout the battle but I didn't see any real difference, other than them not hitting me anymore.


    You should've killed the ranged and mage eyes. :P Your max hit is reduced by 30% for each eye left alive/open. Killing an eye increase Gorger's defense against that style (ie, killing the ranged increases George's defense against ranged). So the way you did, your max hit would've been reduced by 30% while also giving George a defense boost against your melee attacks.


    If you have 3+ hexes, it's best to kill mage/melee eyes. If you have ragers, kill ranged/mage eyes, let ragers hit a bunch of times, then kill melee eye, too, because the melee boost won't matter with George rager'd.


    sorry if I explained this poorly. i'm tired.

  5. Finding teams is pretty hard now, I applied for DGS and no one advertised a single floor in the cc after ~48 hours total idle time there.


    More solo xp please.


    Did you try advertising yourself? The clan chat has been extremely active today.

  6. I've got a prom plate bound atm, I know it's good but having the hood would help because I want to start learning how to key floors.


    Yeah damn these night spiders man, I was in a warped floor yesterday and had been tanking hard along my path, got into an emotes room with [bleep] 18 health. Ofc everybody knows astrals are time waste, and on the 2nd emote I [bleep] die from poison damage, like ??????????? wtf jagex +1 minute ty, then that left me in a bad mood for the entire rest of the floor -.-


    ...What? I wasn't aware trolls still lurked here.


    For the designated keyer in a more average team, the plate will benefit you more than a hood.

  7. SO I've been working like 35 hours a week, and I'm going to be registering for classes soon (crossing my fingers). I'm also moving out! That's right, and I'll be moving out alone. Kelsie and I are still together, but I've never actually lived entirely on my own (always with a girlfriend), so that's my next goal in life right now.


    As for 'Scape, I'm about 19m off 120.


    I'm going to order SWTOR with my next paycheck, and I've been reading Star Wars books fanatically. I just bought a new one yesterday and I'm halfway through. WOOOOOOOOO!


    Off to work now. ;(

  8. They need to expand dungeoneering and give it a purpose beyond 120 and 200m. If they made the finale repeatable with a larger exp bonus than f60 (and it worked exactly like completing a normal floor), that'd be a pretty big step forward in terms of providing more challenge (assuming the final boss - if there is one - is a challenge). Dungeoneering probably has the most potential of any aspect of Runescape.


    I'm looking forward to the proposed changes, but I don't think it'll be enough. I'm almost certainly going to be playing SWTOR far more often than Runescape.

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