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  1. Bumping this. I've been reading some Star Wars novels (Darth Bane trilogy, Force Unleashed 1&2, Deceived, and eagerly awaiting Revan and Darth Plagueis) and I'm stoked for this game. This will actually be the first game I'll be getting into other than Runescape. I still haven't decided if I want to be a Sith Assassin or Sorcerer.

  2. You can buy a decent laptop for $300. I'm poor, too (lol retail job + college student), but I view computers as necessities, so I bought one ($300 Samsung).

  3. Xp rates:


    Dungeoneering - 300k


    No way you can consistently get 300k Dung xp an hour, I used to play for 42 hours at a time with minimal breaks and only got about 240k xp per hour. There is such a thing as c1's and waiting for other people is inevitable while training the skill. But if the above refers to total xp and the other 60k comes from skilling/combat exp I guess it might make sense.



    You shouldn't count the waiting time unless you don't do a bank skill while waiting. How long were your C1s and your larges?


    My calculations are based on Dungeoneering over a long period of time, a month without stopping. Just check Runetracker records. Larges and c1s will always vary. It's impossible to always have a perfect floor.


    I must admit, when I dungeoneered there wasn't the do a floor you have already done and it ticks off floor you haven't done mechanic. But still, I can't imagine a consistent 300k per hour.. Maybe a little under that but then again there's no way to know how much combat exp the person is getting in the floor, if they are keying or not... 300k just seems a tad bit high. But maybe with tokens? :unsure:


    When dungeoneering efficiently, you do rows. 300k exp/h is just three 20 minute floors an hour, which is incredibly easy. Adding tokens and assuming your team does better than 20 minutes (though I suppose not everyone has access to better teams), you should be getting much higher than 300k/h. C2s are more efficient than c1s if you're not 99 fishing, so c2s shouldn't be factored in, as it's fishing exp that you're after there. C1s shouldn't take more than 30-35 minutes. Less if teammates have both laws and cosmics.


    And as someone else mentioned, you should do bank skills while you wait for floors (if you have to wait).

  4. Starting camping glacors because I'm desperate for money. One steadfast/glaiven drop and I can get all 85+ easily. Other than that I've been grinding away at hunter, thieving, and smithing. I'm leaving construction for last because I need 80 smithing and hunter for SC. I'll be incredibly busy with work this week (36 hours), so don't expect much scaping. I've been doing a few floors here and there, but a lot of them are no-prestige.

  5. I didn't do so well on one of those floors. I gated a pot door that was a dead end. -_-

    Dw, anything sub 25 is good enough in my book. I still get 60k+ xp per floor even with 4 deaths and all. Reset now, c2s.


    An interesting thing to note about Rocked's keying is that his floors are usually around 16-20 minutes, but he always survives. I dunno if you noticed, but he uses his personal gates liberally to escape death. Like when we had that 104 runecrafting door, instead of running into a room with three 111 shades to open the door and most likely die, he gated out instead and let us tank the shades so he could open the door without dying. Most other keyers would've just opened the door and died so the team could continue. Nirvana ended up opening the door anyway, but whatever. :P

  6. This may not be the place to do it, but from what people were saying earlier. I'd love to be taught how to dg properly. I don't see it taking long, and I would appreciate it crazy amounts, since I've been soloing a lot, I'm 65 DG and I have a hood already too. Can anyone willing to help me either say here or add me ingame? Auburnfury Thanks!

    You can apply for DGS here, you can generally apply for other dungeoneering clans by joining their clan chats (look them up on the dungeoneering clan highscores).

    I don't think he meets the requirements.

    Recruit rank requirements:

    - All recruits must have read the guidelines.

    - Recruits must have the correct ring tiers and binds.

    - Recruits must know absolute dungeoneering basics (buying a toolkit, making laws/cosmics/astrals, etc).

    - Recruits must know basic DPS/room-clearing strategy (crushing skeletons, maging warriors).

    - Recruits must know and utilize sidestepping and trample mechanics.

    - Recruits must know basic terms (ggs gd, gtgd, ht, gtb, gk ____, etc).

    - Recruits must be able to gate doors, run paths, and use the map.

    - Recruits must know how to do every dungeoneering puzzle.

    - Recruits must show initiative.

    - you must have 70 RC before submitting an application.


    In addition to what Quyneax said, these are our requirements for our 2-stripe rank. While I love the free advertising, Losing Games, perhaps you should leave DGS business to DGS members.

  7. The hardest part was actually tracking the level 78 jad, as I didn't know there were set paths so I kept screwing up. But yeah I went to that pool like eighty times. >_> In terms of efficiency, it probably would've been much better for me to just hunt iceberg penguins till like 77 or 78 before going to HH, but I'm a hero and a legend, and mythological creatures like me always do things the hard way.

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