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  1. They're pretty good against farcasting mages in safe PVP.

    How effective are they against things other than jadinkos? Worse than crossbow?


    They literally only have one application, and that's hurting farcasting mages. If the mage isn't farcasting, use a hand cannon or a ccbow. I've killed a few virtus mages with sagaies, though.

  2. They're really not very good though. I mean sure, they're the best for the feet slot, but only by a tiny margin.


    The best items are always many times more expensive that the second best. It's not surprising at all.

  3. You can get more out of your fish by turning them into potatoes, too. These take longer to make, but you're more guaranteed to not die with moray potatoes than with plain ol' boring cave morays.


    Of course, you could get even more experience out of your floors by skipping the fishing/cooking altogether.

  4. @Crossed Body - Prove me wrong. Let me see some solid evidence to back it up. Give me the evidence that reports are ignored and that Jagex are underpowered to deal with the issues rather than what youve been reading on the doomsayer forums.


    Just login and see for yourself. It's not exactly a big secret that there are bots in literally ever corner of the game.


    inb4 you deny it because you like to argue.

  5. I really wish I had kept track of my games won, 'cause I'm starting to feel a little hopeless in my quest for bootsies. :(


    Work it out from commendations you have/spent

    Assuming all veteran games 500 wins = 2000 commendations.


    I've done a combination of veteran and novice depending on the time of day and whether or not I could find a clan world. My points are all messed up. :( The novice boat is amazing for winning games quickly, by the way. The bots are very efficient.

  6. So I've been running around doing various [cabbage]. Skilling, completing diary tasks, dungeoneering, killing glacors, Soul Wars, Pest Control, crashing DGSers at fight pits and wrecking their asses, etc. Once again, DGS is open to guests. We've also introduced a rank higher than keyer. We're also hosting a large competition in October, so if you're interested, you know where to go.


    I'm also very sick :(


    Last day at Disneyland tomorrow.

  7. Wow. Just today my brother walked into my room and we had this conversation:


    Brother: What are you doing today, necrophiliac?

    Me: What? Why are you calling me a necrophiliac? And I'm not doing anything today.

    Brother: Because you're a necrophiliac, necrophiliac . . . what's a necrophiliac?

    Me: A person who has sex with dead bodies.

    Brother: Okay that's what I thought . . . necrophiliac.


    My brother is 18. :|


    Did some floors today. Been doing random skilling and slaying glacors. I also started temple trekking and I'm at 350 total levels (almost as high as my real total level omg).

  8. I just don't like dying :P

    And i most certainly don't like keying, so i won't be keying(for a while at least).


    Decided to do 2 weeks worth of strange rocks, so i'm still doing the 2nd week now. After that, some DG :P


    What does dying have to do with DGS? We want people to learn to die as little as possible while still being efficient. The only two people who really disregard experience are Tui and Plasma. If you don't want to key, I guess that would be a legitimate reason to not want to use DGS, as you would have to key at least some of the time.

  9. My apologies if that topic has been discussed before, and I know that it's not very relevant to this thread, but how difficult is obtaining a trimmed completionist cape in comparison to getting 200m exp in every skill? In terms of time, I mean.

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