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  1. I actually believe Chaotic is more beneficial over a Whip than Extremes/Turmoil is over Supers/Piety, especially on Dragon Tasks, the Stab attack is awesome.

    imo it goes extremes > chaotics > turm > overloads for order of importance (ik i got ovls before turm :P it was cheaper)

    extremes open up more things like defenders on dragon tasks spec restores for bandos/ other bosses


    but thats IMO


    I agree with this, generally. Chaotics are definitely the easiest to get, though. ;)

  2. You should join a non-rush clan like DG Squires. Or if you actually want okay exp/h, you could find another clan like No Quitters (93+) or Dung Mates. There are a lot of dungeoneering clans, and you can find most of them on the official clan dungeoneering highscores. In general you can assume that your teammates aren't complete morons.

  3. There were so many things in this quest that disappointed me. I did Branches of Darkmeyer right after, and I thought it was much better overall. I'm not gonna go into a whole bunch of things, but here's a couple thoughts off the top of my head:


    - Seriously, Azzanadra is supposed to be the champion of Zaros and one of the most powerful Mahjarrat, so why in the world was he only level 250?

    - Why is Zemouregal the only Mahjarrat besides Lucien to be of a larger stature? Doesn't make sense.

    - The final battle was incredibly underwhelming. It could have been an incredible fight, but it was just lackluster and silly.

    - The Mahjarrats' attacks were really stupid looking. Aren't these dudes supposed to be all-powerful mages?


    I was really expecting a lot more. Very, very disappointed. The rewards were good, though.

  4. Went from 71-75 runecrafting without making a single rune. ;) Completed ROTM5 and Branches of Darkmeyer. I also got mining, woodcutting, crafting, and agility levels. I'm a Vyrelord (highest rank in Darkmeyer). I'll probably end the night with 2201 total (one more runecrafting level and maybe a construction level).


    I'M ON FIRE!


    I feel like questing, so I might be doing that tomorrow.

  5. Lol, my style is more classic, but I prefer clothes that fit very well. Proper classic menswear would be like... slightly baggy, and I don't like that. I don't look hipster at all. I'm actually a very judgmental person, and I make fun of the clothes hipsters wear. I typically wear Express jeans, t-shirts from Target, button-up shirts from H&M, converses/keds/my badass brown leather boots or badass brown leather loafers, my cool brown leather belt with tarnished gold buckle, my Guess watch with brown leather strap and tarnished gold casing, and my black skinny tie from Aldo.


    Nothing vintage. Ever. Nothing crazy or ridiculous. Nothing anti-fashion (hipsters are anti-fashion) or chic or anything like that. My hair looks stylish, but not too crazy. I'm actually really happy with the way I look and dress, and I put a lot of effort into what I wear. I should post a picture sometime.

  6. A huge part of cutting your solo medium times down is intelligent gating. You have two gates available: your GGS and your personal gate. You should always eliminate small paths first so as to conserve your gates as much as possible. If you find that you have to run to the other side of the map to open a door that you just got a key for, you're doing it wrong. Be sure to look at your map every few seconds so you know exactly how much progress you've made and what you can do to speed things up in terms of gating.


    I can personally do solo meds in about 9 to 12 minutes, average. There are tons of other things you'll need to learn that will cut your times down, but gating is the biggest factor in completing solo meds quickly.

  7. Yeh the only reason im getting the staff is for Ice Wyrms. I will be 90 slayer when I properly go for 100dg so its then only a few more levels till I need it.


    For the CLS your saying that I should only get it once I have the rest? Is it not that much better than CR at bandos solo?


    Solo gear:

    v helm

    Karils top



    D boots


    Fire cape

    Rfd gloves (barrows)

    Zerker ring + row for drop


    Ddef for anticrash

    Claws for spec


    There is a lot of debate between rapier vs cls at graardor, but i think CLS wins by a fairly significant margin. At least a kill or two more per trip, and definatley worth the inventory space (assuming you bring rapier to kill minions)


    There's no debate. CLS is better than a rapier against Graardor, and rapier is better for minions. All of this information can be found on another site.

  8. How come you didn't have a primal 2h before? Or did you have some other weapon bound?


    And lol nice double hoods.


    I had a sagi body. Was testing magic defense while I wasn't dungeoneering, lol. I also just did a 3:3 with USA and Blade, and I discovered that this laptop + re-sizable is gonna be really hard to get used to when dungeoneering.

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