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  1. Albel
    Found a site that has a lot of runescapes popular pieces on it. Though I would give it a try...
    I know it is not perfect, but I could never get it perfect no matter how many times I tried.
    Actually, this is a hard piece for the euphonium. It has big jumps and substained playing, making phrasing difficult. So it is rough around the edges.
    I hope you all enjoy it though :mrgreen:
  2. Albel
    Thanks for all the replies so far everyone. I hope to bring some good music as time goes. I have actually found a good place for runescape music. So I might start playing that.
    Hope you enjoy it :mrgreen:
  3. Albel
    Here is my second video about music. A short piece called Scarborough Fair, which happens to be one of my favorite songs of all time. I also fixed my camera to give better video so you can see my beautiful face :twss:
    Hope you all like it.
  4. Albel
    So I am going to be posting videos of me playing my euphonium or other brass instruments. The video quality is not the best, but the sound is great in my opinion. I would like comments of any sort (As long as they are G rated please)
    This is my first video I am putting up... so please be nice to it
  5. Albel
    Sorry it's been a few days since i've posted anything. Been very busy lately. However, I was able to post this nice video of Saga. A very fun piece, nothing to hard, but still fun to play.
    Hope you all enjoy it.
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