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  1. I posted a few weeks ago and more things have happened \o/


    I got engaged. Abigail said yes and I've been over the moon since. We also moved into our new house and got a second pupper!





    The boston terrier's name is Shapley Named after a famous astronomer Harlow Shapley


    The blue ticks name is Herschel. He is named after the famous music composer and scientist William Herschel

    All and all things are going well. Just gotta keep pushing everyday to get better.

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  2. Lot of cool things happening here. I know most people have left but still want to keep people in the know.

    Life couldn't be better. I got out of an abusive relationship about 2 years ago that almost drove me to killing myself. After about 6 months of being in a loving relationship and counseling I am doping much better. My current girl friend and I live in Radford VA, but plan on moving to a house we just bought in Roanoke VA. I currently work at dish network as advance tech support. I couldn't be happier.


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  3. If this link actually works this is a new song from the album.


    Bow howdy...try and sell Dax on fleext foxes. For starters they are a folk indy band so if you don't like folk there is no point to try and sell you. If you do like folk or at least are curious I have a top 5 track list.


    1. Mykonos
    2. Sim Sala Bim
    3. The Cascades
    4. Blue Ridge Mountains
    5. Tie between Your Protector and Oliver James.
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