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  1. Are they turning this into a film?
  2. Lol i can just imagine you voicing your opinions in class in your funny accent :lol: Just play it smooth, dont rush in but dont leave it too late and if you can, talk to her on the way home and on the way to school too :thumbsup:
  3. DUDE WE ARE [email protected]@ except im like a year younger judging by your 2006 post...BUT STILL!! SAME BIRTHDAY WOOOT! :mrgreen:
  4. Why does nobody say Runecrafting? That skill always requires complete focus and a lot of clicking if you wanna do it fast. Mining's not so bad, you can easily mine coal and higher ores whilst looking through forums and stuff.
  5. Good [bleep] job on bumping a year old, dead topic. :wall: I am seriously losing faith in humanity at this point. Sorry Sir :cry: :oops: :cry:
  6. Dude i fixed your pic for you! No need to thank me :mrgreen:
  7. Shey Shes always so nice and helpfull and nice and kind and helpfull and awesomely fun and helpfull and nice and just awesome :mrgreen:
  8. That starting arrow thing just seems to me like a way to get around the map easily. You open the world map, click a place you want to go to and you'll have an arrow guide taking you there or something? Or maybe an update to those new games items that let you have races and stuff.
  9. You better come back! :cry: :cry: 10/10 good job with the penguins Good luck in everything you do mate, its been great knowing you!
  10. this. i dont see why people get the easy ones first....it just makes the harder ones toward the end that much more intimidating. but i digress. 9/10 I dont think everyone plans on playing the game till they max out and some just prefer to play the game in a fun way. Back on topic, great achievement! You have some really nice stats there and wow i didn't know summoning was so cheap! :shock: 10/10 :thumbup:
  11. Stop being so hot seriously you're making everyone else look bad :oops: 9/10 great achievement
  12. HASDFSADMFDSFOSDFSDFSCX2AEOASDAOSDFJDS!!!! :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: Awesome luck tbh and congrats on buying 99 magic thats a lot of runes and money! :mrgreen:
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