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  1. First one. Few days ago, but the point still stands.
  2. This thing is back? Looks like I'm gonna start playing a bit more again.
  3. Just curious - are you able to make a living off of that? Well, obviously not for $2 an EP, but as far as I know most independent musicians rely on a combination of touring, merchandise and EP sales. There was this website(now it is renovated so I really cannot cite the source now), that explained this in a better way than I could. In order to make a living off of music, you'd have to have much more dedication than I personally have, and you would have to make many, many sacrifices. You won't be making the hundreds of thousands of dollars that the Top 40 Artists make, but enough to get by probably.
  4. I'm too lazy to read through the past three pages(I've read the first two, pardon me. I need to go to sleep soon, so I don't have time to read it all.), but I guess I'll throw my opinion in. As a musician, I think pirating is completely fine. Most of the musicians I know actually are pro-piracy. I don't see it as a problem. Especially when you mark down the price for most things, you can get the bare essentials for under $1000 a song. My local music scene has plenty of studios that give pretty decent quality recordings, and they usually charge only about $20 an hour. Mastering can cost anywhere from $90-400, depending on where you go(I live in Miami, I like to go for cheaper alternatives since the big deal studios here are expensive), and then duplication fees will usually cost no more than 60 cents a disc, and maybe another 50 cents for casing. It's not that expensive to release albums. I could easily write a 6 song EP for under $1500(without mastering, sadly) and be able to release over 1000 copies as an independent artist. Sell them for $2 an EP and you still make profit. The only music I buy is for the local scene, and that is because I know 100% of the profit will go to them. With most other major labels, the artist relies on merchandise and ticket sales. And with the openness of piracy, your music is put out more. More people listen to your music, and as a result, will go to your concerts and buy your merch. To me, pirating is one of the greatest things to have come to independent artists, but it might be one of the worst things to come to major labels. tl;dr - I support piracy.
  5. I've been a female on RuneScape since 2007(I am a male). Never had a problem. Granted, I quit from mid-2008 to late 2010, but I've still never had a problem with it. I tell people I'm male if they ask me, never had any problems with that either. Some people actually don't suspect I'm a male because I guess I speak sort of in a feminine matter?
  6. Yeah, I remember you. You just kind of randomly stopped posting, didn't you? Yeah, pretty much. I think I stopped posting around the end of 08? I don't even remember.
  7. I don't remember how old this account is. But I frequented here a lot a few years ago. Not enough to have a lot of recognition, but... still, frequented this forum a lot.
  8. Playing it a few times with 500k. Spent 200k so far, got scammed once. So far seeing if someone is legit. Will get back to you.
  9. I'll be going on in around 15 minutes. If you don't know how to do the Karamja lure, feel free to PM me and watch. I'll be more than happy to give you a share as well. username is epigonic.
  10. So far made 300K worth of lobsters off of luring scorpions in Karamja. Working great.
  11. Thank you all for the ideas. :) I'll probably farm like suggested, and do green dragons. Can't really afford to boss hunt right now.
  12. Around 2008, I lost interest in the game and eventually quit. Before that, I had a decent amount of worth in my account, but after a few unfortunate Dag King runs, I lost a good amount of it. Currently I have maybe 7m worth total? And 2.2m of that is in cash. I want to get around 30m just so I can sustain myself and afford a few luxuries. My stats, if they help. Any advice is good, and I thank you in advance.
  13. FlameHawk18


    [spoiler=Unimportant Mass of Text About my Day]Today was tiring. Woke up, didn't want to get out of bed, finally got out of bed. Looked at myself in the mirror, realized I look like crap but decided I'd look like crap in an hour anyways. I had Personal Fitness first thing in the morning. Couldn't find anything to eat for breakfast so I made a grilled cheese sandwich. For breakfast. Asked my mom for some money for lunch, gave my sister my camera(I don't trust it in the Gym lockers.) and got to school. Said hello to friends at the front of the school. Then went off to the first class of the day. Personal Fitness. Dressed out, went to the gym, sat at my designated spot and discussed sports with some friends. Then the coach came and we began our stretches. Then drills. Then these insane relays that made the most athletic people in the class pant. And apparently I have proven my athleticism because I did so well in the relay. I was considered one of the two athletic people in my squad. No idea how. So I go back to the locker room, tired. I realized I smell incredibly bad and just sprayed myself with some Axe. Realizing I didn't have time to change shirts, I decided to defy the school's dresscode and just wear my white tshirt. Then I rush off to math, the best class of the day. Then French, where my friend Kathryn kept trying to find out where I was ticklish. And then during Lunch I had to find my fellow bandmembers while moving my camera back and forth. So I got my camera back, but my sister needed it at the second floor of the fourth building. I was at the courtyard, talking to my band. So I ran over there, gave her the camera despite the fact I needed it next period and came back. Some of them left. But they came back. So lunch ends and I go to Yearbook, to work on my designs. My sister came in and gave me my camera, but she was late to class because of that. So I was glad I have my camera back. Some of the senior Yearbook people had to go take pictures at some College Summit presentation. While I was beginning to work on my designs, I got sent there too. Then after that was over(5 minutes before dismissal), I left the Newspaper interviewer that I was with for Journalism because I had to turn in my shots to the Photo lab. Then the bell rings, and I pass by one of the Art classrooms right as my friend/bandmate Alexis comes out. So she follows me, rushing me and I get to the journalism room. Since I was in a rush, he just told me to give him the pictures on Monday. Today was tiring. And yes, this is a very long post. And I have not posted here in like a year.
  14. Facial appearance in general. Eyes, lips, nose, etc. Especially when it really shows feminine qualities. I'm mostly attracted to faces, as well.
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