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    Law 1: The Predator will go for you. No exceptions.
    Law 2: Your idiot team will follow, giving the operator of the missile a easy double kill.
    Law 3: You are most likely killed one kill to a nuke or on the way to a nuke.
    Law 4: You will always be killed right before a streak. Always.
    Law 5: In Demolition, your team has dedicated it's existence to staying as far away from the bomb sites as possible.
    Law 6: What actually happened is not what the killcam saw. And the killcam's word is law.
    Law 7: Every time you get shot, your character will jolt his gun up in pain. When you shoot an enemy their aim is dead on no matter how many bullets you pump into them.
    Law 8: [bleep] everyone.
    Law 9: There will always be some 3+prestige using noob tubes one man army and danger close, and camp's in the same spot the whole game.
    Law 10: The AC-130 will leave before you can get off the 3rd stinger missile.
    Law 11: When there is 5 players around you, the [bleep]ing idiot kid on the other team will shoot you over everyone else.
    Law 12: Anything that kills you is nooby.
    Law 13: Anyone lower than you sucks, anyone higher than you, has no life.
    Law 14: As soon as you start reloading, someone WILL appear in front of you and shoot you. You can wait as long as you want, waiting for someone, but the moment you hit reload, they'll appear.
    Law 15: The second you try and knife someone with better connection, you will die 4/5 times.
    Law 16: Combat is based on internet connection.
    Law 17: The last man standing on S&D is usually also the most [developmentally delayed]ed one.
    Law 18: When you join a friends' game, and your on the other team, you realize your friend got all the good people. No exceptions.
    Law 19: When you come to path that forces you to choose left or right, somebody will always be in the opposite direction you chose.
    Law 20: Knifers with marathon+lightweight+commando will run through countless bullets, appear blood red on the killcam, and still manage to kill you, especially if they are using a care package.
    Law 21: Your care package will either be a UAV or an ammo drop. You'll then see that level 26 who just joined your game call one in and get a chopper gunner.
    Law 22: Somebody HAD to kill you before you get the AC-130 or other high killstreaks from the care package/emergency airdrop. The enemy team ended up stealing yours because you spawned on the opposite of map from where you called it in.
    Law 23: Noobs screaming, and people with headsets that rumble are inevitable.
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