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  1. I want your name!

  2. Sam

    happy birthday!


  4. You are todays top poster Kim! :D

  5. meh. I use the american spelling for most things.

  6. Sam

    seriaaaal thrillaaaaa!

  7. Sam


  8. meh, lower case ftw

  9. Sam

    happy birthday Zack!

  10. Your grandad is like, awesome :P

  11. Sam

    Make sure you wear a helmet*

  12. Sam

    It all depends if you want a pre-assembled board or just a deck. Deck only will be so much cheaper (normally half), and gives you choice on trucks/wheels/bushings etc.

    I don't know about australian longboard dealers, look around on google!

    Bear in mind that longboards are quite expensive - expect to pay around at least £90 for a good board.

    Just mak...

  13. You are the top poster today! :D

  14. I haven't gone as far as decided yet.

  15. What did the biscuit say when his friend got ran over?!

  16. aha, epic :P

  17. aha :L 'twas a troll, she is cute though<3

  18. I'm not small, actually.

  19. Sam

    how did you find out, anyway?

  20. So I hear you like browsing.

  21. I haven't seen you round the gallery lately ):

  22. happy birthday mate :)

  23. I have a thumb? :|

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