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  1. I got 2 storys :[ Looooong time ago: Back when D legs were quite a lot of money, some random dude pmed me and said he would sell them for 500k to me. I acted all excited and totally fooled this guy to think I was going to fall for this obvious fake sell. He tells me to meet him northwest of edge bank...right into the wildy. I brought nothing but 3 pieces of worn equipment and started to go "lolololololol" once he entangled and maged me. Right before my death, I told him good job. He pmed me and was soo mad lol. Nothing lost. Story II: Back when there were no grimy herbs, I was training for a new quest that had a high wc requirement. I bought a d axe with all of my money and happily got the required level. I posted on the fourms to sell it at the current price at that time (3.0M) and got an offer of 400 Rannar Unids. 200k over the price. I was sorta suspious due to the Unid tendency, so i did the anti-scam method. Before the trade, I asked him to give me 1 noted unid, so i knew he wasnt lying, and he kindly gave me one free rannar unid, which was confirmed after the trade. We traded again, and guess what... He logs. There are two stacks of unids in my inventory now. I bank to check. They're 400 guams. giving the daxe left an open spot in my inventory... Rawr. #-o
  2. Exactly what I would have said :] People who show disrespect to those of the 3 "easier" 99's merely show that they do not know what it takes to get that accomplishment. All 99's are extremely hard to get...I settled for a quest cape :]
  3. Meh...too poor to chin anyways... But, wonder if it works at Rock Lobsters...
  4. Very nice 10/10 for orangeness EDIT: omg...my siggy and chuck norris avatar is gone :CCC
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