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  1. That's right, and my spells go pew pew pew. Careful though, I may turn you in to a newt.

  2. There's like 100 things I needed to do last week that I probably won't do for another 9 months. [bleep] my apathy some time.

  3. It's useless, we can't yet use it to make alcohol so people want to cut funding from it and spend more on making more alcohol.

  4. Furah

    Senile transvestite.

  5. You deserve a jar of cookies, nobody else seems to have noticed it was my birthday.

  6. A bit late, but happy birthday kid.

  7. Furah

    Happy birthday L0rd!

    Don't get too drunk on us.

  8. 99. I cast IRL fire surge all the time.

  9. Furah

    Well, that's your sort of thing, isn't it.

  10. Furah

    D-does that mean we can go drink?

  11. Hey baby. *touches*

  12. Furah

    Was chillin' with mates at youth, a bunch decided to rock up in suits, I nicked the hat to get a photo with it on.

  13. Wasn't me, I don't use Omegle.

  14. Serpy, I stole Tim's cookies, want some?

  15. I'm cool, I'm leaving a comment. :3

  16. Furah

    Somehow my mems has run out. \_(o_o)_/

  17. When I feel like it I troll hard and fast.

  18. Thanks, it's a BEAR-O-DACTYL!


  19. :D

    I love it too.

  20. Uber hueg bean bad type thingy mah youngest sister has.

  21. Waits to be approved.

    ILY Serpy.

  22. Rainy, she is, she's Victoria.

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