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  1. So apparently I'm the only person in the class to understand that midnight Tuesday is 1 minute after 23:59 Monday. Not 1 minute after 23:59 Tuesday. Unfortunately this is a group assignment, so we're losing 5%. Oh, and use case diagrams make no sense with only 1 actor.



    Gay marriage is now permitted in the UK. It's also a sunny day outside, the sky isn't falling, there aren't any locusts buzzing around either.

    Not as cataclysmic as some predicted, then.


    For a brief period same-sex marriage was legal in the ACT here in Aus. Then it was made illegal again. While it was legal everything was fine, making it illegal again turned the country to shit.


    I think the one thing we can agree on here is that a batchellors degree in psychology or political science is a good way to throw away 30k and still end up in a sales job


    In Aus you don't start paying your debt until you're making over 40k/year. It's also all handled by the government (for now at least, anyway)


    I'm saying that interacting with someone online can't fulfill one's social needs as well as interacting with someone in real life.


    As an introvert, I disagree.

  2. It's all downhill from here. Next you'll be hurting more and more in the morning after a night out, and noticing odd bits of grey. ;)


    Urgh, don't remind me. :(

  3. Took my car in to replace the brakes, and for a checkup at lunchtime. At 5pm they told me it was ready, but as they were closing I'd have to wait until tomorrow to pick it up. Which is good because uni starts on Monday. They also hammered the exhaust due to a previous owner got a wrong part welded in which caused the exhaust to start banging into the car, but I still need to get it replaced. Which will be after I've spoken to some exhaust specialist we deliver to.


    Do you know how hard it is to hit on girls when there's a sexual predator on the loose in the area?


    Is that really going to stop you?



    90s night at Philly bar. Struggling to type th is. Auto correct. Im old as [bleep]. Aka. Im 22 now. Yay me . City wife's at $5, whisky sour is $3. Got egged in 7/11 parking lot. I lold. Pretty decent birthday night. Tomorrow (actual birthDAY) is go a suck. But it sure beats being 20. Turning 21 was good though. Ill Gove 22 a 8/10. I'd do it Again. #boyfriends




    90s night at Philly bar. Struggling to type this due to auto correct. I'm old as [bleep], aka 22. Yay me. City wife (ale) were $5 each, whiskey sour were $3 each. Got egged in 7/11 parking lot. I lol'd. Pretty decent birthday night. Tomorrow (my actual birthday) is going to suck. But it sure beats being 20. Turning 21 was good though. I'll give it (22nd birthday) an 8/10. I'd do it Again. #attempatseeminghip



    You people are crazy...


    This stuff is relatively tame though.



    One of the websites that I am working on atm has this on one of their pages:

    We, like many others hope that one day scientists will start to validate the true value of organic farming, once they have climbed down out of the pockets of commercialism. Long before the first pyramids in Egypt were built, organic farming sustained our world. In less than one hundred years conventional farming has almost depleted the planets reserves of phosphate not to mention the bees and other living things on our planet. Where are we going?




    I don't think they understand scientists. It's like when people talk about alternative medicine. If it was proven to work it'd be called medicine, and sold by companies. If they can sell you bottled water from your local municipal supply for a few dollars per bottle (I'm on water tank and if it runs out it's $100 for a truck to deliver 20,000L), they can sell you healing herbs for an arm and a leg. I mean, if you could prove cannabis to be profitable for pharmaceutical companies, they'd be selling that alongside their current medicines.


    That's not true. If you're taking the view that pharmaceutical companies are entirely motivated by money and not by saving lives, then the medicine that's going to cost more is going to be the one they promote. It'd be tough to sell fish oil at the same price as a round of chemotherapy (that's not a real example, but from what my dad has told me, a lot of alternative medicine cancer cures are around that price range). The problem is, these are things that already have established pricing, and those prices just don't compare to the prices of current medicines.


    With your water example, you're not necessarily paying for the extra water, you're paying for the societal damage when you use a lot more water than the expected per household allotment, since water is kind of a precious commodity nowadays.


    Edit: This is definitely not a view I entirely share, since I don't believe that pharmaceutical companies are entirely motivated by greed, but that's the gist of the argument anyway.



    I'm not saying they're entirely motivated by money, but once the company gets large that becomes the main focus, were it no already. Being the first, if not only, big player to be selling working 'alternative medicine' would put them on a massive playing field with what would be a completely untapped market. From what I've seen alternative medicine going for, even at the established price they'd be making huge profits. Added on to that, they could provide you with cancer-curing fish oil, with 3x the ingredient that fights cancer, at only 10x the price! The patented formula makes it more powerful than taking 10x the fish oil, so at the end of the day you're coming out ahead. Oh, I don't know about your country, but in mine pharmaceutical companies like to prey on new doctors giving them medicine cheap or free, so that as soon as they see them working, they'll only recommend that brand, even if there could be a better brand out there. They can even not allow for brand substitutions.

  5. Finally got my desk organised and looking pretty. Now to see how long I can keep it this way. Best guess is until my gf is next over.


    To make matters worse, my mom then allowed the neighbour entry to the house, which might not seem too bad to some of you... but you haven't met my neighbours. Overall, not a great day.


    I know the feeling man.


    One of the websites that I am working on atm has this on one of their pages:

    We, like many others hope that one day scientists will start to validate the true value of organic farming, once they have climbed down out of the pockets of commercialism. Long before the first pyramids in Egypt were built, organic farming sustained our world. In less than one hundred years conventional farming has almost depleted the planets reserves of phosphate not to mention the bees and other living things on our planet. Where are we going?




    I don't think they understand scientists. It's like when people talk about alternative medicine. If it was proven to work it'd be called medicine, and sold by companies. If they can sell you bottled water from your local municipal supply for a few dollars per bottle (I'm on water tank and if it runs out it's $100 for a truck to deliver 20,000L), they can sell you healing herbs for an arm and a leg. I mean, if you could prove cannabis to be profitable for pharmaceutical companies, they'd be selling that alongside their current medicines.

  6. Had my friend's funeral on Wed. His mum was pretty much balling her eyes out whenever she wasn't speaking. His dad seemed fine until he spoke, his hands were shaking, but then he calmed down a bit. When the coffin was driven off, his dad just broke down. It was the saddest thing I've witnessed, everyone was crying, and I couldn't even force myself to. It just really hit me hard. It's one thing when I see people feeling something I'm struggling to, it's just plain awful that when I can't imitate it. Over the weekend, however, I helped move things between two rooms, including a piano, which got stuck on carpet at one point and the other person had to vault the keys to be able to help get it unstuck, as it was in a doorway at the time. Next time it needs to be moved, I plan on being in a different country.


    [hide=Drama, drama, drama]Me and my GF's dad got in a bit of a heated situation yesterday (again).

    I went to her house at around 2PM. I helped her prepare dinner for later that night (lasagna). We left the dirty dishes in the sink (only 4 things), because we had to leave to go pick something up (in quite a rush). We got back around 3:30PM and her dad was busy in the kitchen washing the dishes and cleaning. 

    We went to her room and starting watching a movie. About 15 minutes later her mom gets home from work and the first thing her dad says, as he opens the front door for her, "Tell your daughter to wash her own dishes. I don't want to come home and slog over dirty dishes". No "Hello", "Hi", "How was work". Nothing. She's barely set foot in her house and she's already being yelled at.

    Last week she had to spend a day in Hospital because she had high blood pressure and they didn't want to release her.

    We kind of just sat in her room and tried to ignore the yelling that them proceeded. After about 5 minutes of yelling my GF couldn't take it anymore so she went into the living room to tell them to shut the [bleep] up. Her dad... my god... It was like listening to a 13 year old boy arguing. I don't even know how to describe it, but he would keep going on and on and on forever even after she (his wife) stopped listening to her.

    So anyway, my GF goes to the living room and tells him to stop yelling at her like she's a dog. He tells her to "Shut your [bleep]ing mouth. I don't want to clean your shit after being out the whole day."

    Okay... this is about where i snapped.

    I went to the living room, told him to calm down. It was 4 dishes, and the reason we left it was because we had to leave in a hurry. We planned on cleaning it when we got back home, like we always do. He told me to "Shut your [bleep]ing mouth and go back to her room, this has nothing to do with you".

    I could feel my blood getting slightly warmer. I told him again to calm down, it's not a big deal.

    He told me that after a long day out the last thing he wants to do is clean the dishes and clean the house.

    "A long day out? What the [bleep] are you doing out of the house anyway? You don't have a job, and you can't be bothered looking for a job. It's to easy for you to beg family for money, and if that fails you beg your daughter for money. You can't support your kids, you can't support your wife, and you can't even support yourself. You're killing your wife with your constant fighting. Your house is a [bleep]ing mess. I feel dirty just looking at your kitchen. Your oven, stone and microwave oven looks like someone took a shit on it, 5 years ago, and didn't bother cleaning it. Your kitchen walls are layered with grease and dirt, and there's always dirty dishes standing around. I make a point of it to always wear at least socks when i'm here, because if your kitchen is this dirty i don't want to know what's hiding in the rest of the house.

    I tried my best to help you get a job (i actually got an issue he had sorted out, and got him an interview that he never showed up for) and you spat in my face by never even showing up for the interview. You do nothing all day except spend money you don't have and have no right to spend in the first place".

    I wanted to continue but at this point i think i got to him, as he grabber me by the neck. I look him right in the eyes and taunted him. I told him to hit me, and he would be on the next flight back to Pakistan, as i would make sure he get's deported (which would actually be extremely easy in this situation). He let go of me, and knowing that i had just "won the battle" i told him to either shut his mouth and behave like an adult, and treat his family that's been supporting his worthless ass for the last 4 years with the respect they deserve, or i'm calling the cops for attempted assault and he can spend a few days thinking things in a jail cell.

    My GF and her mom were still standing there, in silence. They had really no idea what to say. This is the second time in like a month that something like this has happened between the two of us. He knows me well by now, and he knows i don't make threats when it comes to my GF. He knows that i have no issue doing whatever i can to get him deported. My GF and her mom knows this too, and by now they are so fed up with his shit that they can't be bothered with him either. But again, due to some stupid sponsorship laws here, he is their only hope at staying in the country for now.

    So anyway, he stood there silent looking at me for a few seconds, and i kept my gaze. He turned around and walked to his bedroom like a child that just got grounded, muttering to himself.

    I turned to my GF and her mom, apologized for my behavior and told them that if he ever so much as raises his voice at anything or anyone in that house (whether it's at the TV during a sports game, the cat, or either of them, heck even if he falls and breaks a leg and cries out in pain) i want them to call me and i'll be over to take care of it. I said this loud enough for him to hear.


    I felt like i needed to get a drink after all of this. All the yelling had given me a headache so we just went to a hotel close by and had something to drink. When we got back about an hour later he was still in his room, and her mom was watching TV. 

    We spent the rest of the night in her bedroom watching movies and stuff, and things outside were completely silent.


    Today at around 4PM i get a text from her mom saying she came home and the house was cleaner than it had ever been. The oven and stove looked like they were new, the floors were so clean she could see her face it in, and on top of that her husband apologized (something he hasn't done in 3 years apparently). He didn't raise his voice once, in fact he didn't really say much in general. So she wanted to thank me for scaring him straight.


    I felt really bad (not for him, but for the situation) at first, because i hate being disrespectful to other people. I have always been as respectable as i could to any person i meet in real life. But this guy just has a way of getting me in a bad mood. I'm not saying what i did was right, i'm not saying it was wrong either. I'm not happy about it, but i'm not upset either. It had to be done, and it had to be done in the most disrespectful manner possible. But i still feel bad...[/hide]


    On a happier note... Yesterday morning i finally got my new car. Have been waiting for it for about 9 weeks now. It was a long wait, but well worth it. 

    It's been about 2 and a half years since i last owned a Mustang, and never thought i'd get one again. But i'm happy i did. She's gorgeous.


    Actually, it'd be battery he'd be arrested for, assault is the threat of violence, battery is once physical contact occurs. Depending on his visa, it could be a deportable offence, too.


    Got the BSOD on my PC last night. Scared the shit out of me. I managed to back up everything really quick and then run a full scan and a disk check. Also, because Windows seemed to be hinting that it was because my hard drive couldn't be read for a moment, I swapped out the SATA cable for a different one in case that was affecting anything. It's running fine now, and I'm not as concerned. If I have time this weekend, I may do a complete reinstall. If my hard drive goes kaputz, I'll just buy a WD Black this time and hope its better. Honestly, I'd rather have the problem be the $60 hard drive than the motherboard or something else.


    Unless you're running a server, don't buy a WD Black, or Red (the quieter Black). Get a Blue. Hitachi also seem to be good with failures, but their HD business seems to have been recently purchased by WD anyway. Seagate are basically the consumer HDD kings with their Barracuda line, just don't go with them for servers.

  7. I'm really starting to come to grips with the fact that my friend is dead. It sucks so much. He laid dead in a ditch for 2 month before being found, and had to be identified by his dental records.



    Cops came to my birthday party last night. It was a pretty solid party.

    I wish I was on good enough terms with the cops here to invite them to a party.



    Every year cops show up to the xmas party for my dad's family. I mean, they're invited and family, but still. One of them is the only cop in his town, so not only do the cops show up, but the entire police force for one town is there. Should invite them to my birthday this year.

  8. So they had a big manhunt for a friend of mine yesterday who has been missing since November. They found skeletal remains near where he was last seen, and a jumper that may have been the one he was last seen wearing. I've been told his older sister made a RIP page/group for him today, so it seems that he's dead. They're doing a post mortem on the body tomorrow. He was my best friend for a few years, and I feel nothing.

  9. Got a laptop for free, currently awaiting the parts to fix it to arrive. I hope they arrive on Friday, and not Monday. It's great because the parts cost $86 delivered. The laptop itsefl (I forget which one) is over $500 used.


    It's my birthday. I am 21 years old as of today.


    *pats on head*


    Welcome to adulthood. If you're in a country that allows drinking you can now/continue drinking in pubs and buying drinks.

  10. With the exception of melee the new system makes sense and is a bette guide, especially when coupled with EoC.


    I really don't understand why Prayer (and to a lesser extent Summoning) aren't used in the current combat level calculation.


    Because when it comes to PvP, there's nothing that prayer offers past level 71 that gives any decent advatage. Soul split will see you die faster as to match the damage reduction of protect or deflect you need to be hitting 5x as much as you're being hit, and turmoil is only a 2% boost over piety, while draining your ppoints faster. Summoning is also immediately obvious by the familiar following them. Why it is part of the combat formula I'll never understand.

  11. My dad's going through a hard drive he found from 2007 file by file out of boredom. I'm 99.99% sure it has a HUGE collection of my old porn on it. [bleep]. I literally just went to bed and now I'm hiding under the covers on tumblr praying he gets bored of purging files one by one before he hits my collection. If its still on there. Which I'm almost certain it is. [bleep]. Theres likely videos of me and my ex in there too. Shiiiiiiit


    If he 'gets bored of it' then he's actually found it and is trying to unsee it. If he goes through the whole HDD, there was nothing on it. If he suddenly stops and hides away in his room, there's nothing with you in it.



    For my holiday I went to Brisbane, and met some pretty oldschool OTers, Da_Latios, and Maeror_Meror. If you're a TIFfer in Brisbane, I'm sorry I didn't meet up with you, but either you didn't tell me you were in Brisbane, or your name was Iamdan and nobody has seen you in a while.

    Fiend!! You didn't even tell me! I would have saved up to visit Andy and Hiroki. >:(

    Going to Brisbane for a holiday is really expensive, don't think I could do it often. I do have to take Lerisa with me next time, but you can come along too.

  13. I want to live in Brisbane :(

    There there, one day we can move in together. Trust me when I say you'll love it. Being a foreigner, you'll have a lot more success with the ladies, and even the men.


    I figures guay know wpuld be a good time to fiblly drunk tic. I may Boy emrmber. Tbid in tve morning (Dick hoy auto cortevt) bit beber forget that i Kobe you

    i Kobe you too man, i Kobe you too.

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  14. Hey guys, it's been a while, I kind of got caught up with xmas/NYE, went on a holiday in early Jan, and have been pretty sick recently. Found out I've gotten in to uni for IT, but when I tried accepting the offer it tells me I have a debt to pay for first, for the amount of "8.620". Here in Aus, a period is used as the seperator between dollars and cents, but the 0 is throwing me off. I have to call up tomorrow about it, and despite having no clue why I owe the uni money, I really hope it's only for $8.62, and not $8,620. Although due to being sick and a casual, I can't pay either debts right now as I literally have no money whatsoever.


    For my holiday I went to Brisbane, and met some pretty oldschool OTers, Da_Latios, and Maeror_Meror. If you're a TIFfer in Brisbane, I'm sorry I didn't meet up with you, but either you didn't tell me you were in Brisbane, or your name was Iamdan and nobody has seen you in a while.



    booked myself a room in town for NYE so I can get wasted and somewhere safe to crash. it's a bunk bed room....



    One year we need to hang out for NYE.






    You're welcome.



    No! Bad! Down Kalphite! Bad!


    Never use adblock plus. They've sold out. If you're using Firefox, use Adblock Edge, and Self Destructing Cookies while you're at it. If you're on Chrome, switch to FIrefox, you can get FXChrome + Moveable Firefox Button and it basically makes FF look the same as Chrome if you must have the look. If you won't switch (gods know why) use Adblock.




    Super pissed off atm. Sister stole my $300 electric razer my parents bought me for my birthday in Oct, used it to cut her husbands hair, DIDN'T ASK ME for it, left hair in it. I told her not to [bleeping] touch anything of mine, and she snaps "Oh you take our stuff all the time"



    Buy a safe.




    [Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong text wall.]



    Oh, and i saw some guy near my house walking a billy-goat... Leash and everything. No joke.


    You really need to start talking to everyone who gives them money, and tell them to stop it, they're enabling him, and as long as people are handing him money, he won't work for a minute. Good on you for standing up to him thought, I wish I could do the same for my girlfriend's mother (a barely functioning alcoholic who doesn't care how her actions affect others, and treats me like shit because I'm only in my 20s). Her stepdad is bad too, but not as bad as her mother. Unfortunately, last time I didn't take her shit, I couldn't visit my gf at her house for nearly a year. I can't wait until my girlfriend can afford to move out, because I'm struggling to not beat them up for the mental abuse I've seen them inflict on her.

  15. Contemplating trading all my Bitcoins for Dogecoins.





    Last I heard it was about 5,000 Dogecoin for $1US. 1BTC is currently $933, so that's around 4,665,000 Dogecoin per BTC. If it hits an exchange you're golden. If you're not after something so risky, or want something to hoard in addition to Dogecoin, I'd recommend litecoin, feathercoin and worldcoin.

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  16. Got a Nexus 5 today. It's a beautiful phone, the screen resolution is amazing and the OS feels even smoother than iOS which is something even the 4 was lacking.


    Been thinking about getting one since my phone has issues with reception. I could sell it used for nearly the price of a new N5.

  17. Went paintballing today, let's just say I'm covered in welts. My left leg is all but useless, and breathing is painful due to a few neck shots. The biggest welt is on my neck, too. Definitely going back again though, once moving stop hurting so much.


    I dunno what kind of magic keyboard you're using, Furah but even sober mine comes out as giberish 90% of the time when I'm on my phone. Allow me to type this post again without taking 10 minutes to proofread.


    I dunko whay kind of mahic keyboard you're using furah, but even sober mine comes lut as giberish 90% of the time when I'm on my ohkne. LLPW ME yo type this post again wirhout takimjb 19 minutes tk proofread.




    Maybe I'm just fat fingered.

    SwiftKey, it's magic.
  18. So for the first time in like a decade, one of our trucks woke me up when it was leaving. Needless to say it's 4 hours before I wanted to get up, and I'm not a happy chappy.


    There are no breaks on the Bitcoin train


    A few years back my computer broke, I had ~200 bitcoins on it. Forgot to get the wallet, and so when I found out the other day they were a few hundred each, I was mighty sad.


    I'm pretty sure my housemates and the neighbours think they're living in an episode of Jersey Shore.


    They do [bleep] all uni work, and spend half their nights in clubs, getting drunk and hooking up with each other. The girls spend the next day talking about the 'mistakes' they made the night before and that they regret shitting on their own doorstep, while the guys brag about it. In a rather schizophrenic and confusing manner, both sexes agree that in the interests of sound future decision-making, they'll never get that drunk again, before getting drunk that again and proudly declaring, 'I've never been that drunk before!'


    Their collective understanding of the outside world seemingly extends to soap operas and Christmas shopping; I mentioned the hurricane in the Philippines yesterday and how shocking it was that thousands of people died in the disaster, and most of them stared at me with a blank face as if basic human empathy were some kind of superfluous trait which only the weird and the strange would bother about. Apparently it's more relevant to the world that Sam Callaghan was voted off of X-Factor, and Spencer cheated on (yet another) girl on Made in Chelsea, but that he's an aw-right guy really because he's "fit".


    If any one of them establishes anything more than a strictly casual relationship with a member of the opposite sex, they're chided for being "gay" and not part of the uni lifestyle because they're allowing themselves to be "tied down". This, somewhat ironically, coincides with a pre-drinking ritual of tasking each other to pull someone during the night. There's a clear requirement for sexual relationships in this subculture, and yet a paralytic fear of one such relationship lasting any longer than a week or so.


    I guess if I had one word for it, it would be 'laddish' and it's really nauseating watching perfectly intelligent adults, both men and women, in their early-20s being pressured into following a culture which essentially requires you do boil yourself down to a lowest common denominator like pre-pubescent children in a schoolyard.


    I'm actually no longer scared of society possibly turning out like Idiocrocy, I'm now firmly decided that it will become it.


    RPG speaks drunkspeak better than I could even do it myself. And on a computer I would write properly, but this was done on a phone.

    I seriously cannot remember when and why I posted this. In the morning my roommate had tweeted that I had fallen asleep while sitting on the edge of my bed, with one foot in my jeans and other out and phone in my hand. And I snored pretty hard.

    I can't remember getting home at all. Hell, I can't remember half the night. I had drunk texted quite a bit though and now when I got up (at around 3 PM) I had some explaining and apologizing to do.


    Me and a mate tried a new thing last night. We bought a bottle of carbonized vodka. .7 litres and we split it. And we also had some beers. And as a conclusion neither of us cannot remember how we got home, only that we woke up in our own beds.


    Really? With the advancements made with keyboard apps in Android, I never worry about gibberish, ever. Only words that don't make sense together. Like "Duck this shot is confusing.".


    Yeah I agree that taking something once, for curiosity, isn't really weak. But even if you're not addicted to it, using it often means it has a use for you or you need it for something. And that's a weakness. It doesn't have to be a crippling addiction, just something you need for something. And I don't think these drugs help push your body past its normal limit, I think it just helps you lose part of yourself, so you can rave harder/care less, which is something you can do without taking a drug.


    Happiness is unachievable? Do you mind explaining? Sorry not new to this new quote system, lol. 



    No it's not. You're also assuming that if we use a drug once to do something, we have to do it every time to get enjoyment out of it. We don't. I've used recreational drugs for various reasons before, most of the time I don't. You're treating drug use like the meal, when in fact it is seasoning intended to enhance the flavour of the meal

    that is an activity. Sure, we don't need alcohol, but it does enhance the fun when you're a bit intoxicated. On top of that, alcohol allows your mind to function uninhibited, leading to some of the most deep and meaningful conversations I've ever had. Even if I'm sober myself. Not saying I enjoy clubs, I'm the only one of my friends who prefers to just go to a pub where we can have some drinks, maybe a nice meal, and play pool while talking about anything the alcohol guides us to. I could do that without the alcohol, but as an introvert I find I tend to talk a lot less, and am less likely to try and start a conversation or change topics to something else.

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  20. Been playing Rogue Legacy for the past few hours, it's totally worth buying. I just need to get my PS3 controller working properly with Linux.


    Sigh... got a $200 fine today...


    In your situation I would refuse to be the one to pay the fine. If I say I'm not right to drive and you still demand me to drive, you're asking me to risk my life, my sisters life, and a potentially written off car, then ultimately you're the one paying when something goes wrong.


    Went paintballing with a bunch of friends today, was great fun. 


    I'm going paintballing with some mates on Sunday. Going to be great.


    On a different note, my girlfriend came to my house this morning at 7. She slept here till 2, when she had to get ready for work. Perfect way to spend the day. Sleeping next to a gorgeous girl on a rainy day :D



    That doesn't work at my place, I've got a single bed, and so only one of us get to use it or we both end up sleeping badly. My girlfriend is actually asleep at mine right now, I'm heaps tired but waiting for her to get up so I can get some sleep without causing even more damage to my spine. The worst of it is my mum will come and wake me up if I'm still asleep at lunch time. So when I get woken up I'm going to be in a sour mood for the day, which is really bad when I have work I need to do.


    At her place, it's great. Double bed so we can just sleep the day away.

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