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  1. Today I instigated a federal investigation at my place of employment.


    Well, it was nice knowing you.


    I mean I CAN NOT do it. I have a back condition. It's the one thing that can impact my career choices with heavy lifting. OTHER then that, I'm fine.


    Well then, try getting a fork ticket and an MR licence. I can basically guarantee you'll get a job within 6 months.

  2. Whoops. Got my 10,000mAh power bank today, and it didn't come with instructions. I charged it up and then tried charging my phone, nothing. I tried a different cable (it came with one) and still no dice. Tried both cables in my computer, they work fine. I sent them an email saying it doesn't work. I've just figured out that pressing the power button only displays the charge state, you have to hold it to turn it on/off. Now I need to wait for a response and apologise.


    So, that's three Metro games now? I have the first one, and I know about Rangers. Didn't know about Last Light. I assume there are others I also don't know about then, and I now understand why they gave the first one away for free.


    There's 2. Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light.

  3. I got a card from the post office, letting me know that a parcel I ordered arrived. Wasn't what I hoped it was, which is a power bank that's almost a month late. Instead it was a DisplayPort to HDMI cable. Plug it into one of my new monitors to find that the display doesn't take up the whole screen. Had to return both the new monitors for replacements. They ended up having cheaper ones in stock so I got Metro Last Light with the difference. Came with a flashlight and a bonus weapon. Flashlight is pretty crappy, it sometimes doesn't turn on. Should be an interesting game, rated R18+ for sexual violence, so I'm curious as to what that means.

  4. Aquaplaned my car on a roundabout last night, managed to avoid crashing into anything. Also got my Pebble watch the other day. It. Is. Awesome. Combined with Tasker, I could basically get it to do anything.

  5. Dammit, didn't get any of the jobs I've applied for. Time to try again tomorrow. For now though, I sit here drinking and wondering why one thing I ordered is over a week late, and why the other thing doesn't show up with Aust Post, even though I have the tracking number.

  6. So I've dropped out of uni for a while. Currently looking for full-time employment, I've found two suitable choices, and then remembered about this thing called a resume I'm supposed to write up to hand in. I'm not good with them so I have to get someone to help me with writing one.

  7. So on Saturday I managed to sleep in 3 hours for work, and only started 2 hours 20 minutes late. I didn't even get yelled at, not even by a customer. However, I'm never going to do that again, had to go all-out to get everything I could deliver to places before they shut up shop. Didn't even get breakfast till 3pm.


    Today my kids and my ex-wife went to Comiccon here in Ottawa dressed up as Doctors 9, 10 and 11 with sonic screwdrivers and everything. When they went to see Wil Wheaton (yes, that Wil Wheaton) he was so impressed that he took their picture and tweeted it. My youngest even managed to angle his SS to create a lens flare that would make J.J. Abrams proud.


    My kids are awesome! :grin:


    Your ex-wife's not bad either. :wink:

  8. 3:15 am and i just watched the trailer of this game. Considering going to an ATM, making a deposit in my account, and buying this game right now :S


    Depositing at an ATM? What magic is this.

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  9. So I'm sitting here on an almost flat phone because I struggle to sleep when not at home while my girlfriend has spent most of the day asleep and is still worn out enough to be out cold faster than I could check to see if her phone was charging for her.


    Please stigmatize religion more you sadist atheist@@@@@


    All joking aside, seriously, that's such a generalistic approach it's almost disgusting.


    Firstly, the "be fruitful and multiply", if I remember correctly, is a Christian "indoctrination" not regarding other religious views. Additionally, just as much as "religious" people may be fruitful and multiply, others (nonreligious people for lack of a generalization) are just as capable of [bleep]ing up and not pulling out, usually resulting in procreation, as well. So. Yeah.


    Yeah,I definitely could have worded it better. Not all religions think this way, nor do all people following religions that view contraception as a sin follow such beliefs. However I am much more likely to find that people with no religious belief are having sex with something to prevent pregnancies.

  10. I never said we were dying out a whole. Thankfully the religious are really well designed to prevent that ("be fruitful and multiply", condoms/the pill/pulling out is the devil's way to ruin society).

  11. Today was interesting. I was working a a massive huntsman decides to climb down in front of me while I was driving. So I punched the thing. He died immediately, and unfortunately won't be able to tell the other spiders to leave me alone.


    It's a good excuse for an annual match between the two best sides in international rugby league. You can take ANZAC, so long as you leave that fixture. :P


    My lecturer today said that all people have gotten chlamydia at least once by the time they're 25. Well I'm 23 and I haven't. Almost sounds like a challenge if unprotected sex wasn't so hazardous and irresponsible.


    Almost as good as my sociology professor claiming rape was justified because it was nature's way of ensuring human survival. :roll:


    From a purely evolutionary point of view, he's correct.

  12. our problem is Telstra OWN the networking lines in Australia. They're basically 1-step from monopolizing it 100%, if we still had John Howard as a prime minister, it would have happened as he was dumb enough to give them so much access.


    Telstra used to be a government owned business, like NBN Co. is now. However, Liberal, like they always do, sold them to have the national debt look better on paper, not caring about the repercussions. If their plans for the NBN go through the same thing will happen again.


    Stev, I need to do the same. I should really seek help for uni, and my apathy.

  13. So today it is my birthday, I'm now 21. Which doesn't mean much here, but it's still treated as the big birthday. So far I've gotten a new phone, over a grand, some tools, an RC helicopter, an engraved flask, some DVDs, but only 2 birthday texts. ;_;


    On a side note, I have an exam tomorrow, my computer is broke, and I am unable to log on to my uni account. Which is annoying as it means I cannot access anything to help me.

  14. This is amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing.


    I'm staying at some relatives' house for a few weeks. The internet here is so fast. I can download updates for my PS3, update Xubuntu, update Steam games, and still play online games with less lag than on a good day at home. Work tomorrow morning, family dinner tomorrow night, and then I have Sunday free to check out this cool thing that everyone keeps talking about. YouToob, iTube, something like that. It sounds really awesome.

  15. Get a different provider, Elder's Insurance will give you a quote in <30 seconds. The RTA was technically right, if you want to get 6 months rego you have to do it online or over the phone.

  16. This doesn't seem like the kind of game which would be improved by story telling. Then again, I'm fairly early in the game. I just really enjoy farming souls at this one area now that I can kill everything in one hit.

  17. $7 for a beer is normal here. It sucks. The protect the children mob think that making alcohol more expensive will make it less like adults will drink too much, and kids won't bother with alcohol. Politicians just see a great source of revenue for them.

  18. So StarBound is now available for preorder. I don't get paid till Wednesday, and so it's really bumming out my mood.


    Oh god. You are missing the point. She screwed me over. She humiliated me. She acts like nothing [bleep]ing happened.

    She is deliberately messing with me, I don't know why.


    And I am not one to be made fun of, I am ultrasensitive about such things.


    Well sunshine, you're currently still in Kansas. Once you're out of school you better [bleep]ing deal with the flying monkeys.






    i totally feel like this is adrenal too, i still regularly talk to him though so....


    Tell that lovable fool I want his mobile number.

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  19. Moderately drunk. Open bar and I go together well. It was for my grandmother's 80th birthday. There was a wall which had things that happened in 1933, and people born in that year too. Can't believe Gene Wilder (played the original Willy Wonka, and was also in Blazing Saddles as The Waco Kid) was born in the same year as her.

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