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  1. Send me your alcohol, I need more. So today I renwed my rego and decided to see how much I could trade in my old games + DS for. $360. So Now I have a new 500GB PS3, BioShock Infinite, Dark Souls, and Mass Effect 3, and it only cost me $140.

  2. Had to reinstall Windows. Good thing I have this secondary HD with all the good stuff in it.


    Kinda bummed out I lost my latest Sim City 4 city, oh well. Now off to read some schoolbooks until everything is downloading and installing.


    I had an even worse problem. It was unable to read Windows as a bootable drive.


    PS4 isn't backward compatible? God damn it Sony.


    Really? They're really doing that? I thought we outgrew backwards compatibility issues when consoles graduated from cartridges to discs. What possible bs reason can there possibly be for this? Why do we put up with this from console gaming anyway? We wouldn't have put up with it movie players, so why do game systems get away with it? Gah! I need to have a smoke and calm down...


    Because the architecture they run on is very different. The only real way to get around this would be to port the games, which developers don't seem to do enough.

  3. Currently debating whether I should buy a PS3 or a PS4 when then PS4 comes out. Going the PS3 option will mean I get it really cheap, as the release of the PS4 will drop the price (ev en though I could pick up a console w/ games for $200 used right now.) I'll also get to play a lot of games like BioShock Infinite, Dead Red Redemption, LBP, and some old classics. But PS4 bring me access to Thief 4 at the loss of all the other games (PS4 is not backwards compatible.) Either way I don't think I'll do much online as I don't really feel like buying a modem for it.



    ^The "good" news is that chainmail won't stop bullets very well, and is REALLY ineffective against many nonlethal weapons such as tazers, so it's hard to justify banning it.


    Depending on what you manufacture chain mail from, you'll probably just end up burning your chest from a taser. Bullet will probably tear apart if it's good-quality chain mail, causing it to hit you as fragments. It'd slow it down slightly, but the fragmentation would mean even a .22 would still pierce the skin.


    400 a year, holy crap. If I had to pay that, on top of gas, I don't think I would drive.


    My rego is $250, but my green slip is $600. I'm also on monthly insurance payments until August, since I don't have any big expenses too close to it. Compared to it being due right before Christmas. The time of year I hate, since I don't work for 7-21 days, depending if I can get the afternoon vet run. Yes, I dislike time off. Especially uni break, I'm already back to staying up all night.

  4. Wish I had an extra $100. Need the money for rego. Things I want to buy can wait.


    I know. In these tough times, an extra $100 support from the government to spend on a camera sucks, man. Sucks real hard.


    Today I discovered that only 5% of young adults (below the age of 30) follow political figures and events, on a national level, closely. Only a third watched any television news at all yesterday. By contrast, 76% of them used Facebook. Newspaper readership across all age groups, let alone young adults, now sits at 29%.[1]


    I use Facebook as much as any other young adult, I also read newspapers. I mean proper printed newspapers, with articles that someone's spent more than fifteen minutes researching, with editorials, opinion columns. Is it really any surprise that politics is being reduced to 140-character soundbites ("Yes We Can") when Facebook and Twitter are the mediums-of-choice to receive news on current affairs from?


    How many people who placed the red equals sign as their profile picture actually understand what it means except for some vague and tenuous support of gay marriage? How many people who shared the KONY 2012 video could even point to where Uganda was on a map, much less a chronological account of how the LRA came to power in the first place? Is it any wonder that just about every discussion on YouTube degrades into a (usually factually inaccurate and hopelessly simplified) recollection of WW2 history?


    My favourite part about KONY 2012 was it was the day after the 20th of April, so everyone got high and forgot about it the next day. Not to mention the fact that he wasn't even in the country in the years leading up to it. My issue with news these days is it's too much knee-jerk reactions to barely anything, or biased opinion pieces by people who have a motive for slanting it one way. Read in the paper where a cop gave his opinion on the decimalisation of drugs, namely cannabis. All that he talked about how all it would mean is that the dealers would take up different crimes, and just kept asking hundreds of rhetorical questions basically saying this is everything I can think of that would be a bad way to distribute the substances and how the, allegedly, massive space required to manufacture it. Nobody bothered explaining to him what decriminalisation means, he never once spoke of anywhere else that did decriminalised drug use, or of anywhere that has any of these drugs legal. Instead he said that drugs are so bad that some countries (namely Singapore and Bali) often award the death penalties for traffickable quantities. Hell, several of our local papers have never written anything factual about our Carbon Emission Scheme, or the National Broadband Network. Hell, some of them can't get anything to do with wind turbines right.

  5. I spent 20 minutes writing up a response to some points with absolutely no insulting due to people complaining about bigotry complaints. Waste of a good 20 minutes and several Google searches.

  6. Today...

    School, can't focus, brain still doesn't work too good. I'm struggling to focus on anything, and I started smoking again. I haven't bought a pack yet, and I don't intend to though. So hopefully I'm not too bad. Been listening to a lot of UnderOath and Bring Me The Horizon to shut out all the self hating thoughts of embarrassment. Called my friend up to tell him how much an ass I felt, and he laughed. But it helped me remember not to take life so seriously. I think I'll be okay, I've chilled out a bit.


    Apologise to the poor girl. Ask her to forgive you, and then make it up to her.

  7. Why did I agree to work on a Tuesday morning? I'm completely [bleep]ed up because I couldn't fall asleep easily last night. Oh yeah, because I didn't get to work sat and I need the money.


    Well I've got a mate's 22nd this friday so there's that, followed by another friends 27th last weekend of the month which is game of thrones themed. the only cheap and wacky outfit I could come up with was a monk's robe.


    otherwise a LOT of tin foil.


    From what I understand, go to the local uni, spend time near the law students, and you'll get to know dealers pretty easily. Since everything is illegal, a lot of them tend to be jack of all trades.


    I don't have a truck licence either. I drive vans and utes.

    I know. I tried finding work with just that, but too much experience was required. Surprisingly lots of for medical supplies. But there's never a short of truck work here (lots of crappy-truck work but I've already explained that) since that's my area's "industry". Trucking, distribution, retail.


    I guess it is really about who you know.

  8. I'm all for them having civil unions. I also think that civil unions should be the only thing recognised by the states. Sexual preference is not a lifestyle, nor is it a choice, or a fetish. Sexual preference is something hardwired to the brain. There are also over 4,000 known species of animals to perform homosexual acts. It must be called marriage, because marriage is recognised by the state and has certain benefits awarded to it not awarded with civil unions.


    I'm pretty sure every species of animal has been known to eat its own shit at some point too....the "animals do it" argument is pretty weak as a result.


    And there are some sexual attractions which are fetishes, and we all have a choice as to how we manifest our sexual attractions and incorporate them into our lifestyle.


    Sorry, I said animals anticipating an unnatural discussion. By sexual preference I was meaning which gender(s) you're interested in. Not what floats your boat.

  9. Guys, if we're going to get fussy on terminology, I'm just going to stamp my foot down and point something out: a homosexual is someone who is sexually attracted to someone of the same gender. A homophile is someone who attracted to someone of the same gender on an emotional level. The two aren't the same. Someone can be a heterosexual homophile, which means they like having sex with someone of the opposite gender, while 'fall in love with' people of the same gender. A heterosexual heterophile, on the other hand, is someone who likes having sex with, and fall in love with, people of the opposite gender.


    Why can't homosexuals have civil unions? if it's all about being able to love who you want and having legal rights, why must it be called "marriage"? Honestly, if the reason is to force people to consider homosexuality "normal", nobody's buying that.

    And yeah I know, flame away...gays and closet gays (who typically are the loudest supporters of the lifestyle) are allowed to do that. I'm not allowed to disagree with the lifestyle choice, but it's ok that I be called bigot, insensitive, ignorant (and/or worse) for not subscribing to the idea a deviant sexual fetish is normal.

    All that aside I understand the arguments on both sides...I just can't grasp why it MUST be called and compared to a traditional marriage. It's not.


    I'm all for them having civil unions. I also think that civil unions should be the only thing recognised by the states. Sexual preference is not a lifestyle, nor is it a choice, or a fetish. Sexual preference is something hardwired to the brain. There are also over 4,000 known species of animals to perform homosexual acts. It must be called marriage, because marriage is recognised by the state and has certain benefits awarded to it not awarded with civil unions.

  10. Giordano, get a job delivering things. Never a lack of a need for that, especially in this day and age where everything is now-now-now. 4-6 weeks for that thing you ordered from an ad in the paper? No way, buy it on Amazon.com with your Prime account for free delivery tomorrow. Kind of ironic that I'm recommending it as a fallback when we've had to lay off a worker due to lack of business, but that's just due to a knee-jerk reaction to the mines up the valley not using contractors due to OHS concerns.


    Got myself a gaming PC today. Now if only I had a few PC games to play on it.


    Kerbal. Space. Program.

  11. Weak answer. Very weak answer.

    I can't imagine a movement spending so much time, effort, and money on something so frivolous as the definition of a single word. Are homosexuals so insecure they need their deepest relationships validated by common language? :rolleyes:


    There are many social, economical, and legal benefits that you get when marrying someone. Seriously, all you're doing is giving reasons why no marriage should exist. Marriage is not so two people can procreate. People have been having kids without being married for centuries. People having being marrying without having children for thousands of years. People have been marrying, never wanting, and never having kids for thousands of years. There is no good reason why people should should not be able to have same sex marriages.

  12. Why does procreation have anything to do with marriage? Saying that people who are never able to have kids shouldn't get married treat marriage like the ultimate goal of it is to have sex for the purpose of having a child. I don't get the appeal of marriage in the first place, but that's for another thread. On the topic, why the hell is it still called marriage. Marriage is a religious ideal, which has no place being used in government. Civil union should be the only thing recognised by the state, while marriage is what you call the ceremony you have in church, if you chose to do it that way.


    I believe that everybody-- regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, etc-- should have the right to experience the pain and suffering of marriage just like everybody else. smile.gif

    What about polygamy, or people marrying animals? (Not asking you in particular, just putting it out there, asking where we draw the line)


    Animals, children, and inanimate objects are unable to give consent. This is why one cannot and should not be able to marry, or have sex with, any of those things. Animals, because they lack the ability to comprehend or properly convey their opinions, children because they lack the ability to comprehend and are still developing their brains, and inanimate objects because they are in no way living or able to say I do.

  13. Good news everyone, you can now get a Steam key if you purchased the game before it came out on Steam. It prevents you from downloading it from from the store any more, but you don't need Steam running to play KSP. Yes, a Steam game 100% DRM free. So basically Steam is only there to lessen the server load.




    On to more important news, I've had to make it a habit of covering things in OX-STAT Photovoltaic Panels, because I keep forgetting to extend my other ones in orbit and lose control of things. If it wasn't for the fact that ending the flight removes everything from the previous flight, the amount of debris in Kerbin's orbit would be enough to block out the sun.

  14. Completed two assignments today, so I've rewarded myself by playing some more KSP. So much rage. I've spent the past hour or two trying to get some solar panels because I forgot to put them on my space station. After that I need to get some fuel up to it to refuel space ships.

  15. Wow, I finally learnt some stuff about complex numbers, and we've already finished learning stuff about them. Vectors, [garden tool]!


    Can anyone explain to me why it's snowing during spring break?


    Considering how much I'm sweating, my guess is the first law of thermodynamics is broken and all the heat is moving to where most of it ends up anyway, Australia.

  16. Tim is going to really hate my happy-go-lucky attitude. I decided to start my maths assignment on the day it was due. Turns out it was externally hosted and I didn't have a log-in for it. As it was the day I couldn't email them to ask for an account before the due-by. An hour beforehand there was a class-wide email stating that due to issues on the host's end the assignment's due-by was extended to the end of the week. Should be getting my log-in details tomorrow.


    OT is just turning into an Alcoholics Anonymous forum lately.


    Speaking of drinking problems, I have one. I don't have enough to get me drunk.


    Thought of the day:


    boobs are so freaking soft! I just couldn't get enough!



    At least it's not alcohol.


    They make great the most amazing pillows.

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