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  1. how can people say for example that glacor's are 4.5m or w/e gp per hour when i dont even get 1m per hour, now granted i dont have nox or chaotic or even virtus weaponry or overloads, im using abysal wand+orb i can still kill them pretty dam quick also using seasingers armor so im doing 65-75ish kills an hour. Just curious how people come up with these numbers 

  2. waterfiends are 98 i believe same for mithrils weird seeing as how miths were 400+ in the old days dark beasts are 100 even abyssals are 98 or so i dont think many monsters are 100+ anymore except bosses and i doubt you can do nihils or muspahs

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  3. So i heard from some people on rs that arma offhand xbow was coming out is that true? and what do you think the value will be as i just bought myself drygores would it be worth to camp sara when it comes out?

  4. yeah i got my kingdom on mining as last i saw runewiki said it was #1 for profit guess ill start my farming runs again... scratch that just got 15.9m more thank you to a glacor donation wahaha

  5. Hello so i want to get at least 94 herb for prayer renewals possibly 96 for ovs about how much $$ am i looking at for 92-94 then 94-96? have 36m in cash on hand fyi also i already have 2500 extreme attk/def/str/magic pots for ovls so will only have to make extreme ranges

  6. So are muspahs and nihils worth unlocking for tasks? and for block list i have jungle/desert/ice/warped creatures/ganodermic creatures/vyrewatch blocked , that sound about ideal for blocks.? I have glacors and tormented demons toggled on. Just curious thinking i want to get 104m slayer xp for true mastery cape 

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