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I am a 20 year old college student. I am currently attending a Cal State college and majoring in English. I have future plans however to go to Cinema school and get an education in the art of film making. I always had a passion to tell stories and I love the way film can bring a story to life. I was born in America but do possess Persian blood in me and my RuneScape name "Shahdie" means happiness (so you can also refer to me as Lady Happiness :D). I am the owner of a mischievous Maincoon. I am a rare breed of girl who enjoys playing video games, computer games, and any other enticing virtual adventure. I am particularly fond of RPGs (probably due to my story telling background). I also love graphic design and try some amateurish attempts in Photoshop (like designing my own sigs and headers).


Latest YouTube Video


Triumvirate: Who Will You Join



You can watch more of my RuneScape machinima productions on my YouTube Channel.

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