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  1. Trippeh I beat you at the game.

  2. Couldn't resist.

  3. You should write a guest article for the Tip.it Times.

  4. trippeh trippeh tripping. :o

  5. I won't let you spoil xmas.

  6. Merry Christmas.

  7. spammity spam spammerson.


  8. What happened to threads from 9/15/2009 - 10/1/2009?

  9. now I can harass you without having to worry about getting permabanned.

    Life is good.

  10. I feel like the picks for Celebrity Deathmatch were completely in bad taste...

  11. Congrats on being published.

  12. While you're busy banning me, I just want you to know. It was totally worth it.

  13. You're famous in OT.

  14. What is going on!?

  15. not much, I'm about as blind as a bat.

  16. was prepping it for something. will put it back to normal soon.

  17. You should go on a power binge.

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