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  1. lol seriously you shouldnt use a formula for a password imo, Everybody has something personal which he can remember and nobody knows about right?. well then :D . by the way I guess many people used 'Runescape' as password or just 'password' 8-) . I also think that allot of people have their user names as passwords. but seriously, nobody should help people with bad passwords, this is what you call natural selection ;) .
  2. Probably when i forget about its existence ;) . I always keep merchandising trough the GE, and even made a 10hp account :roll: #-o .
  3. LOl, I guess it wasn't loaded yet, so much for the 6 bites of dureal (or whatever) :roll:
  4. How do you select favourite worlds? Or how often do you have to have logged in to get them?
  5. A few years ago, many people supported something like archaeology. This also could mean discovering foreign cultures and maybe time travelling (we all remember meeting history right?). And also, one of the previously updates had a hint in the last line, which talked about clues which where to come for some great update, and the little teaser in the last line was something like: "Leave no stone unturned". So, maybe Jagex have worked their way down the earth and buried some old skeletons which we can raid (guess they don't use c14 methods and such yet). But well, It sounds rather interesting to me to know more about the Gilnore history (almost all recent quest had some historical value), I really enjoy such content, although I doubt a skill about it would be really tempting. so maybe Sailing all the way eh? :mrgreen: #-o :cry: :( ;)
  6. Lol everybody could have foreseen this, I really didn't understand all those people trying to downgrade/sell their partyhats, after purple fell beneath 100m. I just bought my purple slightly to early, I paid 94 mill for it :mrgreen:. and if I hadn't sold al my guthix pages I could have upgraded it by now. Stupid of me :? But they won't be stable soon, after a few weeks skyrocketing, they will fall like crazy again. now like with the animal masks; the ultimate goal is to sell them just in time \ .
  7. This really surprised me :P , So, if you want some guthix first pages. You should be quick :roll:
  8. maybe you should mention what link you clicked on so nobody else makes the mistake?
  9. nice on first phat but are u merching the rune kite (h2) lol? Yes, I bought 1000+ of them, when they where like 39k ea, I was sure they could only rise, because they where almost the same price as regular rune kites. And I made like 10k profit/kite, so a free 10 millions for me :roll: .
  10. I guess they changed the "how many need to be sold" limit, when they updated the trade limits. 3rd age also rises faster than before, But indeed, you should buy a partyhat quickly, just like I did :lol:
  11. And soon the partyhats will sky-rocket again :thumbup: I bought my first Phat for 94,6 millions today \
  12. The true merchant foresees the market \ , And did I say something about stupid trades -.- ;) , could have been an easy extra 20 millions (with some patience :mrgreen: )
  13. I guess the cheaper equipment would have risen even more (rune armour/weapons, dds and other dragon weapons). But the more expensive stuff like whips would have fallen, because it will be lost directly after dying, so people wouldn't have taken that much risk any longer, as there wouldn't be any clan members who can give back their equipment. And also, the rare prices would still be stable, I guess :? .
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