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  1. oh my god....we have a quest!!! and PVP WORLDS!!!! Halloween on runescape is going to be awesome.
  2. I agree, I'm F2P and I didn't even notice the poll at first. Most f2pers don't even look at the polls because they're almost exclusively for members. As a result, we don't notice when we're allowed to vote. I think it would be good if Jagex put more emphasis on the polls. Pet reindeer ftw, santa suit ftl
  3. I agree with the guys that say HD will be f2p after E3. If I were developing somethign to be released at E3, I would make sure everything worked by then. And if everything works by then, than ti will become available to free players. Also, I'm pretty sure that the guys at Jagex said that fullscreen will be f2p, though tey can change this stance.
  4. I can see the resemblance, though I don't know if LOTR is where it's from. and there are already plenty of culture references and easter eggs in runescape.
  5. I was just thinking about these questions today and i wanted to see what you guys thought. 1: Do you think fullscreen will stay members only? 2: Since fullscreen opens up a new window, will the ads playing on the other window still support Jagex? 3: Is it possible that the new increase in membership price be due to the fact that there are no ads in fullscreen?
  6. I agree with the main point of this article. That content updates and gameplay additions are more important than updating graphics. Not to say that graphics are unimportant, but to say that making things look prettier and act the same way is not making the game better.
  7. I think dual wielding would be a great addition to the game. There are many games in which it has been incorporated and gotten good reception (for example Halo 2 and Sherwood Dungeon). If the game developers found a way to have a balanced combat system that allowed for dual wielding, it would more strategy to combat and make it more enjoyable.
  8. Although this new graphics update is very cool and I can't wait for it to come out, I don't see how the new graphics are going to have a great impact on the game. Sure, everything will look more detailed, but at heart it will be the same old Runescape. It might be just that I find gameplay to be more more important than graphics. Personally, I look forward to the future gameplay updates and additions more than I look forward to this graphics update.
  9. This game look really cool and is reminiscent of nintendo rpgs'. I'll play it when it's finished.
  10. they released the fullscreen screenshot picture. it's in the above post.
  11. C:\Windows\.file_store_32 For the average windows user, anyway :P wait, how do you keep it?
  12. Did anyone notice that there was no change at all during christmas? I was expecting one from jagex...
  13. The snowball war. i got around 45 pictures and put them in a slide show. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RaiYmc77aLI
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