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  1. I have my own reasons for asking questions, but if you want them, I'll share. I want to know whether airs or fires are faster...why? Because personally, I don't want to waste hours and hours "going for my goals" when another way is faster. Maybe others don't care about how long it takes, but I don't really like to waste time. And I have two goals atm, 44 rc, and 70 defence. I'm going on a 3 week vaca soon, and I want to know if I should go for 44 or 70 defence. Although if a mod would close this, I would be most grateful. RSC has loaded for me, and I prefer to ask my questions there, as they actually get answered. Goodbye.
  2. the safe spot (corner) at hill giants or guards. Or white knights.
  3. I'd ask this on runescapecommunity.com, but it won't load for me atm and this is the only other forum that would load fast for me. I will be doing fires from 28-44. I will be wearing only a dscimmy or a whip just in case, and a fire tiara. I will not use dueling rings or glories. I will be running(not walking-- running and filling up on energy pots during my bank visits) back and forth in Al Kharid, not abyss. How long will this take, in hours, to get 28-44? Also, how long would it take to get 28-44 world 18 air running? I would like to compare the times. Thank you.
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