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  1. hey, uou posted on my thread, i also wanna become a staker :oops: anyway, pm me on rs and we can talk and stuff, cya. oh and goodluck!
  2. i will try and get some pics, but there isint really much to take pics of. when i get my next level, ill try and get a pic, just for you guys :mrgreen:
  3. well! this is my first real post on the tip it forums, ive browsed before and thought everyone seem'd cool, and now here i am. :shock: well atm im going for 99 range :-w and at the same time going for a visage. just wanted advice and support from you guys (this is probably in the wrong forum, sorry). post away :uhh:
  4. HYT! im new to tip it forums, in fact this is my first post, so you should be happy anyway, good luck man, add me if ya want! cya :XD:
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