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  1. OOOO lol. I didn't even think of that. That actually is quite ironic.
  2. I honestly don't forsee myself coming back to play. I just got an xbox 360 and would much rather play NCAA Football online and Guitar Hero III with my friends than this. Btw: Why is everyone hating on the Disks of Returning?
  3. Well, I've always seemed to like disks of returning for some reason, so I figured I might as well buy something I like. Plus, if i ever do come back it is a very stable rare. It's also one of the rarest items IMO. Edit: Yes I'll still browse TIF. It's easy to do that while chatting on AIM.
  4. Well, I've finally reached a point where I feel I can do better things with my time than play Runescape. It's not that I lost my liking for the game, I just have other things going on, and don't want to play if I can't really get into it. I've played for almost two years exactly, and It's not the best of progress for that time span, but I've had fun. For those of you who have noticed my posts, heres the bank and stats. Stats: Bank: I literally sold off everything in my bank, all I have left are untradables such as my void staff, charms, dragon gloves, and a few other random ones. So, for the last time I say, rate away.
  5. First of all, thats how to make more people look at your thread. Second, how is it that you have 36k posts but don't have enough time to play?
  6. But why would you make chaos? That would lose you alot of money. If you were to do speed, then go with fire method.
  7. You always profit ranarr farming if you use supercompost, so yes you will profit.
  8. if you want carpel tunnel syndrome
  9. Please don't do cannonballs. It's only 12k xp/hr. I personally did gold ore to 70, but that was because I enjoy that method.
  10. personally I would go with enchanting of these two, however there actually is a much more effient and cheaper way too train, but I shall not diverge this in hopes that prices stay where it is still cheap.
  11. Actually, this is costing you money, not giving you free xp. If you were instead to go with the maximum profit set up, you could then spend the money that you gained on herbs that give more xp/gp.
  12. First of all, strength is the least powerful melee stat for anything besides PvP. Second, Dragon boots, torags plate+legs, Black mask, Rune defender, Whip, obsidian cape.
  13. I believe the wording of the rule is that as long as they never interact there is no problem.
  14. Again I say that this is why summoning is as a great a skill as it is. If charms were to become tradable it would completely screw up the entire economy, and make several skills ridiculously easy to max(e.g. magic). Plus either summoning would be very cheap to max, or it would be the best way to make money(by collecting charms).
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